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While it is fresh in your head, give me your really short list of off season wishes

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Release Kyle Williams

Draft Michael Floyd or Sign Dwayne Bowe

Sign a Veteran Corner or Draft

Resign - Goldson, Costanzo, Brooks, Ginn, Alex, Morgan.
Some WRs and pick up a few undrafted WRs & RBs, there must be a Foster or Cruz in there somewhere.
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Agree with the call for a WR. Don't know if any great ones will be availabe in the draft or FA, but the inability to separate from coverage seems like the biggest weakness on the team. Despite his muffed punts, I disagree with those who have hastily called for the release of Williams. He can contribute as a slot receiver. Crabtree a No. 2, IMO. We need to keep looking for a quality No. 1.

We could also have holes to fill in the defensive backfield and could use some improvement at right guard. Have to be thinking also that Gore and Justin Smith are getting long in the tooth. Probably can't replace their talent, but have to plan for their production to decline as they get up there in age.

Bottom line: We are going to need to help our defense by scoring more points, and I think that starts with a quality No. 1 receiver and a full offseason of work so Alex can consistently put up 100+ QB ratings.
i'm telling you that kyle will make more big time mistakes. you can see it in his decision making.
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Sign djackson:(


we are going to need to get a running back in here as well, Frank is getting old, I love hunter, hate Dixon!
make upgrading the offense the number 1 priority of the offseason. keep the defense intact as best as possible.

Bring in a new wideout and a new interior lineman to compete for starting positions. Add another versatile tight end to supplant Justin Peele in our heavy formations.
Release williams, Then Get at least three Wide receivers.
Obviously, upgrade the receiving corps. Start by re-signing Morgan...Harbaugh likes him a lot. Draft TE Fleener from Stanford. Harbaugh will be at the Pro Bowl...good chance to scout some potential FA's. Baalke and scouts will be at the Senior Bowl, great opportunity to see some of the best college players in game situations. Those who're advocating to cut Kyle Williams need to take a deep breath and look at the bigger picture. Yes, he had a bad game yesterday...but, he's also got the toughness and speed that could translate into a nifty slot receiver.

Hopefully, the coaching staff remains intact...but, don't be surprised if some of Harbaugh's guys get offers from other teams. The FA's I hope Ballke re-signs:

- Snyder (too valuable to let go)
- Brooks (very solid OLB who can rush the passer)
- Alex (should only improve with a full year of off-season and a better receiving corps)
- Rogers (resurrected his career--worth a 3-4 yr contract)
- Goldson (finally became the playmaking FS we've needed for so long)
- Costanzo (ST ace)
- Spillman (ditto)
- Grant (filled in admirably for Willis)

DESEAN JACKSON! Solve wr , kr, pr and he we went to CAL. .pay him please!
Originally posted by 9erfanAUS:
1. Not losing any of our coaches.
2. Drafting/acquiring a big-play WR. I'm of the opinion that they really don't take that long to develop. Just look at AJ Green and Denarius Moore.
3. Re-sign Rodgers, Goldson and Brooks.

Denarius Moore has been very inconsistant. Two great games and a lot of bad ones. AJ Green is a stud drafted very high... We would have to give up a lot like the Falcons to get a Blackmon type.
Originally posted by 49erRider:
1. Release Kyle Williams

lol , i feel sorry for him !
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My top 10 wish list!

1. Sign Either D. Bowe or Vjax (Though I'd be ok with Garcon....................I think )
2. Sign either Nicks or Grubbs
3. Re-sign all defensive FA's
4. *sigh* re-sign Alex (I guess)
5. Re-sign A healthy Josh Morgan
6. Re-sign A healthy Ted Ginn (who will never see the field except return game to reduce chances of injuries. As Ted Ginn returner is more valuable than Ted Ginn WR)
7. Sign Eddie Royal or Roscoe Parrish to be our 4th WR and backup returner
8. Let Anthony Dixon's worthless arse go and draft/sign a 3rd RB that can also KR/PR. Cyrus Gray anyone?
9. Draft defensive heavy. Keep this defense dominant for years. Especially with these additions on offense.
10. Coach Kaepernick up ALL OFFSEASON in the OTA's and what not leading up to training camp. *DISCLAIMER* not saying start him but make sure he gets coached. You know, just in case.
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Originally posted by CRABTREE:
DESEAN JACKSON! Solve wr , kr, pr and he we went to CAL. .pay him please!

Cancer. Harbaugh would never have him on the team.
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