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While it is fresh in your head, give me your really short list of off season wishes

Resign Alex.
Resign Goldson.
Resign Josh Morgan.
Draft a couple of wideouts.
Draft a guard.
Cut Kyle Williams.
Cut Chilo.
And retain our whole coaching staff.
Cut Roman, Crabtree, Williams, Dixon

Trade VD,

GET SOME WRs. No excuse for not bringing somebody in when Morgan and Edwards went down
Colston or steal Manningham (the ol' Jim Burt/Ken Norton sign a rival team's player gambit)
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You guys just forgot the most important player -- he's not all that as WR -- but we need Ginn as a returner. Yeah, those 2 muffed return are still fresh
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Originally posted by IdahoNiner:
-Resign Alex
-WR #1 in draft
-Free agent WR
-Resign Goldson
-Resign Rogers
-Resign Morgan
-Oline depth
-secondary depth

In that order.

I'm on board with this list.
Bowe or Colston and a rg we are set
1. FA WR (Josh Morgan will do).
2. Draft WR in 1st or 2nd round
3. Draft TE in 1st or 2nd round
4. Re-sign Carlos Rogers & Dashon Goldson
5. Re-sign Alex Smith
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Resign Alex to a 3 year deal. Resign Carlos Rogers, Ahmad Brooks, Josh Morgan, Ted Ginn

Cut Shawntae, Chilo Rachal

Franchise tag Dashon Goldson

Draft WR, CB, OL, DE/OLB.
We need another pass rusher and a d-lineman to groom under Justin.
We badly need WR help
In a league with guys throwing for 5,000 yards, we desperately need to make sure we have 3 starting caliber CB's
We need an Aldon clone

Sign Dwayne Bowe via FA
D-Bowe, Crabtree, Morgan, Kyle Williams, Rookie WR, Ted Ginn

Sign starting caliber CB via FA
1. Re-sign key starters: Smith, Rogers, Brooks

2. Resign Tony Montana squad: Costanzo, Gooden, Spillman, etc.. And Ted Ginn

3. Franchise tag Goldson

4. If Dwayne Bowe is a free agent, you HAVE to find a way to get him. If he's not available and Vincent Jackson is, you pay some big $$$$$

(Plan B, draft a few WRs early on--drafting ONE within the first two rounds is mandatory)

5. Get healthy. These guys must be beat after a long physical season.

Looking forward to next year, but this time I can handle the wait.

only resign Alex to another one year deal and open up the playbook for him.
1. Release Kyle Williams
2. Release Chilo Rachal
3. Sign DeSean Jackson
4. Resign everyone of worth
5. Draft a #1 WR
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Draft or sign a big time WR that is Big like 6 5, we also need a speedy WR maybe it can be the same guy
Draft a big running back that doesn't dance and cut AD
Get another Quality DE /DT in the draft that can maybe rotate in with these guys
Pick up a Cornerback and resign the guys in the secondary (Carlos)
If we don't resign Dashon get a lighting quick safety that can make picks
Draft a big TE like 66 and above
Get bowe or one of the other FA WR's so we don't waste a pick on a WR.
Draft 3 DB's (rogers could be a one year wonder, he definitely showed his old redskins form in that game, tarrell brown has always been average, brock was undrafted and still average... Culliver is good but needs lots O work.)

Draft another RB, Frank has looked slow and tired all year even on his 100 yard game streak. Keep frank around, but the end of the road is coming.

Cut chilo
What we have on offense; decent O-line,QB, and an all world Tight End.

Truth be told, we need a running back that can carrie the load. Kyle Williams fumbled it away today, however it shouldn't have come to that. We couldn't run the ball at all for the past 7-8 weeks! We need a running game and Gore showed us (on the biggest stage) that he is done!

We couldn't convert on 3rd down at all today. Gore didn't go over 100 yards rushing in the playoffs and he seemed timid when he did get the ball.

So to answer the question I would shore up all/most of the defensive guys that have contracts that will expire. Then I would go out and look for a top flight running back and some recivers that can seperate from DB's.
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