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The Blame Game

1. I blame the rain. Not enough red in the crowd.
2. I blame Kyle
3. I blame the offense for only not coming through during crunchtime and putting the game away.

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Lest we NOT forget this team far exceeded our most myopic expectations from the start. Keep things in perspective here. How many of us Niner fans called out a 13-3 season , first round-bye, beating the Saints ???? If even 1 man dares to stand before us with this claim , how many of the rest of us would have called this man a sane , rational human being??? From all the Smiths' to JH to Akers, Lee, Defense , they ALL collectively exceeded our expectations. Forget the totality of #11's numbers long enough to ask if if you thought he was going to as well as he did over all. The bottom line is that while we had a GREAT season , we simply were not good enough to advance any further. As 49er fans we are in a unique position of being an UNPRECEDENTED, UNDEFEATED 5-0 in the SB!!! This begs the question, ' was that the team we wanted representing our dynasty?' Let's go back to the drawing board and make the needed improvements here and there. That playoff experience was priceless and that will become evident in the years to come. This team will be better next year. Forget the record , "better" when it matters! BETTER in the postseason! How many Giants' fans care about their 8-8 record bout now? Probably....precisely ... ZERO! Did we not go into the postseason with the least amount of the golden word 'experience?' From this we will we grow, so keep your cool , stay tuned and watch the Giants meet destiny as Brady pays them back for 07' season , 08' SB. It's going to happen that way. Behold . Lastly, stay positive about our future and do NOT discredit what our team actually did this year All this blame only discredits the success of this team this year 2011. Thank You SF 49'rs . Rock on
Originally posted by kingairta:
And who would take williams place had he been yanked?

Reggie Smith, Hunter, Colin Jones, maybe cully
Reggie Smith was next on the list.
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