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The Blame Game

I'v been saying this; The Williams turnovers and the 1-13 3rd down conversions killed us. We would have had a good chance to win with 1 without the other. But to have both together...
Of course Gore didn't touch the ball the last two possessions; there were less than two minutes left, and :19 left on the last drive. Obviously we were going to throw. I was glad that we were taking our shots, rather than being content with overtime. If we had run the ball, I guarantee people on here would have been crying about how we are too conservative.
This was a typical niner game aside from Williams' fumbles. There were many things that didn't go well, but nothing super out of the norm. Sorry, Kyle is and will always be viewed as the reason of why we lost.
We played pretty good considering the circumstances. We knew it was going to be a close game. We live and die off of the turnovers and we didn't get any. Giants were well coached. The WR's and punt returners were diving to the ground before they could get hit so that a TO didn't happen for them. Our secondary had a lot of balls bounce off their hands. The rain just SUCKED. Many reasons why we lost but in the end we just lost. Let's not act like D-Bags and throw anyone from our team under the bus the first chance we get.
fast whistle plus the ball was out of possession before the whistle.. and Just The Way The Ref Acted, it was un-natural. who was that dude.. i know niners didn't play their A game but damn that was crucial.
I agree that whistle for forward progress came extremely fast. It would have given us a chance to win this game in regulation despite the screw up by Kyle Williams and despite the lack of conversions on 3rd down, but it wasn't what ultimately cost us this game.
Rogers wasn't eaten alive all day. He played a good second half, and would've had a pick had Goldson not run into him.
Originally posted by captveg:
The players lost the game because they didn't make the key plays.

The end.

That is what the thread is meaning...the players made a play and it was taken from us.
the play should be replayed at least, the fact you cant challenge those type of plays is a joke, epic fail;
Agree they need to upgrade at the receiving positions...other than Vernon and Gore, Alex really had no other reliable options yesterday. Crabtree didn't do much to get open at all. Pretty disappointed in him. Getting Morgan back will help at WR...not the solution, but part of it. Harbaugh likes him quite a bit. I'll be surprised if he doesn't ask Baalke to draft one of the Stanford TE's...would love to get Fleener. Coach will be at the Pro Bowl, a good opportunity to scout a potential FA or two. Baalke and scouts will be at the Senior Bowl...lots of good talent there, too. I have total faith Harbaugh/Baalke will get Alex some real help. Roman's a keeper...he playcalling was sound, the execution was poor, particularly for our receivers...Alex had few viable options in the passing game.

If the offense was half as good as the defense the 49ers would be a dominant team. However, even with the pathetic offense the Niners could have won the game because the D dominated the Giants in the second half. If not for Kyle, I believe Giants would have been shut out in the second half.
all said and done, KW handed the Giants the win. But who's to say we don't go 3 and out again, and the giants move into position for a FG anyway.
You go -2 in turnovers you usually lose, whether you convert on 3rd downs or not.

We were awful on 3rd downs all year but we were usually +2 in turnovers.
Originally posted by 1stDown:
We should not have been in the position to allow Kyle Williams to blow it.

Dig deeper and the REAL reason we lost was because of the pathetic performance of the offense. It was only a matter of time before the offense cost us a playoff game. The stunning lack of production on 3rd down throughout the entire season was a time bomb waiting to explode, and it did yesterday. We were lucky to beat the Saints and only did so because of 5 turnovers. The Saints game should have been over by the start of the 4th quarter, but even with 5 turnovers, the 9ers offense could not produce. Aside from 2 plays yesterday, the offense outright sucked.

Pathetic play calling, poor execution, ineffective adjustments in the second half, "3 and out" in numerous critical situations. The loss falls on the offensive coaching staff. The scheme was totally off yesterday. There were several bright moments when the offense opened up yesterday, but then back to garbage play calling that made the Giants defense look dominant.

The offense needs an overhaul in the offseason, and it starts with Greg Roman.

man we're on the same page
although i think the person responsible ultimately is JH, next in line is Roman
I think we should find another OC this guy makes me remember of Jimmy Raye to tell you the truth
Horrendous playcalling
Sure you can blame the loss on Kyle Williams. But when you play almost flawless football ( the in giveaway/takeaway stat) all year long, the law of averages works against you. It's only a matter of time before a key turnover goes against you.

The bigger problem that we have is lack of offensive weapons. The Niners did their absolute best riding Frank Gore and Vernon Davis. Aside from those two we our options are limited. Crabtree will round into a great possession receiver. But the REAL reason we lost is lack of options at WR. Opponents know our limitations and they crowd the box over and over and over again.

We converted just a few 3rd downs and you can't win football games unless you move the chains....puts WAY too much pressure on your defense.
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