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Is it me or did Dashon Goldson...

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The guy was trying to make a play on the ball. Can't hate on that.
Originally posted by pakalolo415:
Take away two interception opportunities? I love his big hits and the dude is a stud, but he knocked out T. Brown when it looked like Tarell had a good chance to make a play on the ball and did the same to Carlos Rogers? Can't remember the second guy he swooped in on, but on those two plays it seemed like the guy already covering the receiver had a chance to get a takeaway.

its just you.
Originally posted by niners94:
Just did his job...gonna miss him because i dont't see him staying. He wants to get paid and won't get it here.

i hope not because he is one of our best players!!
Originally posted by SealTeam6:
He didn't see the ball on either play and was only looking to hit- just like both TDs in the Saint game he missed.

Wouldn't give him top 5 money.
Not smart enough, but then again, I can say that about at least 7 of our starters and assistant coaches

Still feel this way
In all reality he did take away 2 INT's but he was doing what he's supposed to do. Can't blame Goldson for that at all.
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Originally posted by okdkid:
The guy was trying to make a play on the ball. Can't hate on that.

Everyone was trying....who wasn't trying? But trying isn't enough. Goldson being the FS needs to not only read the play, but know where his teammates are.

Kyle Williams was trying too....think he wanted to cough up two punts and the end around?
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Goldson had a terrific game and season.... Stupid thread
you are going out on a huge limb here, he played great i thought and we need to re-sign him badly
jus doing his job
Originally posted by nvchamp9ers:
you guys clearly dont understand the speed of the game at that level

Completely agree. You don't have time to think Here's my receiver, oh there's Tarrel. Watch out watch outttttt.....errrrrrr bang collision.
So much of this game is about reaction. I bet no one in here was complaining about Goldson getting that pick against Brees and just
being an overall beast in our secondary. Would you rather have Nate Clements back? Shut up and recognize that he's the best safety we have.

Yes, he did..guy needed to look where he was going..another person to blame besides Kyle! Lol. Maybe he needs to cut that hair or something cause he ain't knowin where he's goin.
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Originally posted by modninerfan:
Goldson had a terrific game and season.... Stupid thread

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