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The 12 Men in the Huddle

So after watching the recording on my DVR, I came across a couple of really boneheaded mistakes by the refs. There weren't 12 men in the huddle, there were actually 11 and then when the last '12th' player was taken off the field, we were left with 10. It really makes you think whether somehow it was set up as destiny for 'The Run' to happen. If that penalty was not called, it would have been 3rd and 2, and very unlikely for a QB run play to be chosen.

It was all meant to be.
I thought there was only 11 on the field when they called the 12 men in huddle, another blunder by the refs, but hey it setup a big Alex Smith TD run, cant be mad about that.
u sure?

I didnt rewatch but I thought I counted 11 once the 12th left, 1 guy was leaning over kinda hidden

but ya if there was only 10-11 thats retarded
Anyone else back this up? If true and I were the 49ers I would be contacting the league asking them wtf was up with the reffing.
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it looks like 10 in the huddle but there's one guy thats leaned over and kind of hidden
I did hear Harbaugh yelling there were only ten but I couldn't count them myself so hopefully someone can verify. The league should definitely be contacted about that.
Something about that huddle looked odd. Maybe it was when they were pushing peale out of the huddle it led to the illusion. At the time it looked like a legit penalty to me.
Parry and his crew should get jumped in a dark alley somewhere...
There's 12. One of the linemen was hunched over, so you can't see him.
I don't think they could exactly challenge a penalty or anything..
When Smith tried to run out of the huddle and our other player ran back to the sidelines it automatically triggered the flag.
Granted they should have counted the players even after throwing the flag...

I just watched a replay of it and there were 12 players in the huddle. It's hard to see but jonathan goodwin is hunched over in the middle of the huddle.
we won so who gives a sh*t
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I counted 12 before the penalty....Peele went in there, and then nudged Miller to GTFO, and he didn't do it fast enough.

It's a stupid penalty....shouldn't have happened. You can't make basic procedural screwup like that with a playoff game hanging in the balance. It ended up not mattering, but those types of thing would constantly kill us under Singletary.
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