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Will NFL Network RE-AIR the 49ers vs. Saints Playoff game this week?

You know what would be so awesome. To re-watch this game, but with the 49ers radio broadcast as the commentators.

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NFL network re-airs all playoff games.
I'm watching it on NFL Rewind. $20 bucks for all the seasons games. Cool stuff.
Originally posted by pdizo916:
f**k jamie dukes. that is all

hahahahHah damn. havent laughed that hard in so long. had to create a profile to respond to this. soo funny. glad that blowhard got his stupid ass show that no one knew about cancelled. he's always trashing peeps. this game was pure magic. ive seen many niner games of the good ole years, this one was the most surprising and satifying i think because of the players on the team and all the struggles they've been through and the struggles of the organization to recapture its glory. just an epic game, effing poetry.

wish theyd replay this game so i can tape it then make it into a dvd. the giants got lucky, they beat a superior team that year. we'll see whats up in Ali vs Frasier III

but yes, f**k jamie dukes
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