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Niners 1st offensive play against the Saints

Kaep 70 yd bomb to Kyle Williams for the score.
Colin kaepernick with the 80 yard TD pass to himself.
Yeah, Chaz, the merry go round pre-snap was followed by the wham block. No wonder briggs looked like WTF? as he was laying on his back looking at the sky. Unfortunately for Briggs he got to see that wham block from 5 different sets, and NEVER knew he was the target. He was surprised every time, and as Kap said after the game, the Bears play it pretty simple, straight up. I bet Briggs is still trying to figure out who dropped a load of cement on him...5 different times, from 5 different sets. Coach Harbaugh is back and sharper than ever.

naked bootleg for 70 yd TD
a run up the middle.
give it to Gore or straight 3 step drop and out. Dont boot leg, run fake, go fancy. Just straight up run or pass. I think the last few games the first play has been run fake. The Saints will be look for this and come out blitzing for old times sake.
Play action rollout pass to Crabtree for 11 yards
Gore off tackle with Bruce miller in motion.
Kaep will start it off with a quick 8 yard pass on the left sideline to Manningham or Moss like against the Bears.
playaction bootleg/designed run for 12 yards.

Frank Gore pitch right for 6 yard gain FUMBLES out of bounds.
Kaepernick and Alex enters the field together. Kaepernick lines up as receiver. End around to Kaepernick for 80 yards - TD!
Originally posted by VaBeachNiner:
Kaep 70 yd bomb to Kyle Williams for the score.

wish KW would've scored on that bomb last game. I want him to score every time he touches the ball. He's my BFF
Kaepernick hands off to Alex Smith, who then pulls a corndog out of his sock and eats it as he jukes the entire Saints D 80 yards to the endzone.

For his celebration, he walks up to a crying Jonathan Vilma on the sidelines, wipes the mustard off his face with Vilma's jersey, looks at the stain and says "Cool bounty bro." referring of course to Proctor and Gambles' line of paper towels..

Quick pass (from ? - not going to tell you for competitive advantage reasons) to VD eluding the blitz. 35 yard gain.

How much of the Bounty Gate is in the players' mind you think? Hope Crabs lights them up.
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