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How are you preparing yourself for Saturday's game...?

beer, pizza, wings, chips, carne asada AND

klenex in case we lose.

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Backyard Q'in a couple hours before the game........then post my self in front of the TV for 3 hours with a sign that says "Don't Bother Me".
staying away from espn and nfln
Picked up my jersey for the dry cleaners, getting an oil change on my car tommorow,then driving to candlestick to watch the game on saturday.
Taking the jeep out the mountains early, coming back, firing up the grill and inviting friends over to watch the games.
Best friend Moved to Pennsylvania from New Orleans in 8th grade, Huge Saints fan.
Go 49ers :D
Made arrangements to get together with my buds and got a new jersey. I am ready!
Cooking some stuff on the grill and relaxing in front of the TV with da family while watching da game
Originally posted by nametaken49:
Any niner fans in the Dallas Area? i wanna go to a sports bar with fellow niner fans, its not the same rooting for my team all alone in my room so if anyone knows of a bar that fans usually meet at or you want to get something going just let me know! GO Niners! Sounds like the place.
My friend is a Saints Fan! He is throwing a Party on Friday with Louisiana foods! Crawfish,Gumbo,....etc! To celebrate the 49ers victory on Saturday, we brought banners and all kinds of Red and Gold for the party to redecorate his house. We will carry the Friday party all the way to Saturday. If the Saints lose, we will help him clean. If They win We will loot his house RIOT style!
Getting coffee with an old friend around noon and then watching the game alone (per request).

Originally posted by iknoejohnyork:

Too f*cking funny. Won't be doing that though.
Hoping for the best, preparing for the worst.
Other than that probably just getting a couple pizzas.
49-3, Taints
I'm going to wake up extra early and light up all the candles and incense around my Alex Smith Fathead!
I've been superstitious all season so i will stick to my routine. Bust out the jersey's first thing in the morning. Willis for me and Gore for my 2 year old daughter.
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