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Official vote on Aldon Smith's Nickname

Official vote on Aldon Smith's Nickname

Black Jesus
Originally posted by 80sbaby24:
Why do people feel the need to force nicknames?

A great nickname just happens. No suggestions. No voting. Just happens.

This comment is right on the money
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lame choices.
They shall call him 99 problems!!!
Aldon NueveNueve.
Originally posted by RonMexico:
So gay.....


I like to just call people by their name. We aren't in the 1970's.
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I kind of liked 99 problems myself...

Why not ask him? He is on twitter and is friendly enough.
Originally posted by valrod33:
Black Tebow

why? WHY must we always try for force some terrible nickname for every player who shows any signs of being good?

Every single nickname brought up in this thread so far is terrible. My Pal Al? Sackagawea? Student of the Game? The Condor?? wtf....

If he gets a nickname, itll come naturally. very few players have nicknames anymore, and if you dont count the retarded ebonics ones like M-Rob or D-Will, that arent even clever, theres even less.

The all time leader in sacks, Bruce Smith, didnt even have a nickname. Aldon Smith doesnt need one either.
99 Problems

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Originally posted by DamulagNiners49:
99 Problems

Uh this is it!
Originally posted by TheCondor99:

Originally posted by footballxpaul:
Originally posted by DaveWilcox:

ya where is this choice and 99 problems. Bad poll

yeah these ones suck, funny, but suck........................99 problems bein a b***h aint one.....HIT ME!
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