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Brees, 1.5 seconds, and alex

Yup, that 1.5 seconds was the length of time it took Brees to unload the ball and frequently it came out at 1.3 seconds. I posted in an earlier thread that alex has to get the ball gone in less than 2 seconds, once the ball is snapped. Any play taking more than 2.0 seconds is doomed to fail based on a review of game tapes. I knew Brees was quick but had no idea his passes were coming out in less than 1.5 seconds. For those of you accustomed to seeing "3 step or 5 step, or worse, 7 step drops" can see the futility of that way of looking at our Qbs passing. In the game last nite, essentially all passes were in the 1.5 second range whether Stafford threw them or Brees.

If Coach Harbaugh has alex taking 3, 5 or worse, 7 step drops, based on last nite's game, all passes from those step drops would fail. The Saints and Lions Ds give the QB no more time than that. Even on a 20+ yd pass, Brees still had it airborne in under 1.5 Seconds. So for alex to be successful he will have to have the ball out of his hand in less than 1.5 seconds, NOT the 2.0 seconds I have stated he needs to sling it in the past.

So we are talking about a sea-change in our Qb calls, meaning every pass needs to be gone in 1.5 seconds, not 2.0 seconds. Those of you who want to see 3, 5 or 7 step drops are going to be disappointed if Coach H allows those calls to be made. We all saw the pasting alex took in the first meeting in preseason. Alex just will not have that kind of time now, and will be relegated to "snapping it and slinging it"...something I have advocated for some time now. One thing that was really a shocker last nite was how fast Brees "sees" the field and lets it fly based on a millisecond of seeing the field and throwing the ball. Good as Aaron Rodgers is, Brees is better timewise. It will be a tough day for carlos, Culliver, T. Brown et al. Brees threw many passes way before the WR made his cut. It was truly impressive.

The big question...can alex get it gone safely in that brief a time span. If he can I think we have a good shot. If he can't we lose. If we see any pass play that takes more than 2 seconds to throw, then Coach Harbaugh has a lot more game film to study and accept the fact that plays requiring more than 2 seconds to get the pass off are going to fail. Aex is doing lots better in this aspect of throwing, but if O calls are made that take time to set up, they will all universally fail. I hope and assume Coach H realizes that. I also fervently hope he calls the O this game. We are going to need him.
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so...Alex isn't Brees...hmmm...I gotta say, im kinda shocked.
Really? Are you sure ALL of his passes that were out that fast??

I could have sworn there was a good # of Tom Brady like pockets...3-4 seconds for some of those long bombs.

Either way I do not think Jim H is underestimating the protection issue.
yea Brees had all the time in the world last night. He wont get that when he plays us
I don't remember Brees getting the ball out that fast, dude had all the time in the world to throw.

You're talking about Stafford, they were showing how fast he got the ball out after the snap.
what are you talking about?

brees had all day and took all day yesterday

fix yyour stop watch and get off speed

thats the only way you can think he got the ball off that fast
because Brees got rid of the ball quick, Alex has to....?

I agree in general that Alex needs to be decisive, but maybe you should calculate how long Stafford had to throw before saying Smith will have less than 2 seconds to get rid of the ball.
i can guarentee you brees didnt take 1.5 seconds to throw

so many times he went to his checkdown route

other times he waited for people t get open that offensive line of his was amazing
Sorry guys, I had stopwatch on Brees, and he gets ball away before 1.5 seconds, and many times at 1.3 seconds. How in the heck he gets a 35 yd pass off that fast is fascinating , but that is what stopwatch said. I think our best hope is moving ALL DONE around and having him rattle BRees. I doubt brees gets rattled, but he hasn't seen ALL DONE yet. IF you doubt the 1.5 seconds, just rewind your tape. It was an experience watching Brees get that puppy out so fast. He sees the field in just an instant which is going to make it hard on our DBs. Stopping their run is going to be key also, as that slows our passrush considerably, if they are eating big chunks on runs. I don't think they can do that against us, but we will have to see. Somehow, the combo of Justin/Big Mac/ Soap/Aldon and p-52/ Bowman is going to have to bring pressure on brees. It will take incredible Dplanning, but that has to happen. Incidentally, stafford also got ball away quick. Both qbs have guns like Marino and are as fast...but brees is faster.
^ didn't read, lol.

You really can't blitz a QB that gets rid of the ball in 1.5s. No matter how many you send, you need at least 2.5 seconds to get there. It almost seems like we'll have to not blitz or delay blitz - first flood short zones to stop the short routes then vacate one to chase the qb. Line up 3 and send the 4th from random locations and play nickel all day long. It worked against Marino in the 84 superbowl.
Maybe he was talking about the throwing motion, cuz he sat in his pocket all
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In order to get rid of the ball that fast, your receivers have to run great routes, get open reliably, and be exactly where they're supposed to be, WHEN they're supposed to be there. When Brees lets the ball go at 1.3 seconds, the receiver hasn't even made his break yet. It works because Brees has great receivers who have great chemistry and timing with the QB after years of working together in the same system. Brees is a phenominally accurate passer with tremendous confidence. You can't just go out and TELL your team to morph into the best passing offense in football. If it were as simple as "getting the ball out in 1.5 seconds," every QB in the league would be throwing for 5000 yards per year. If the 49ers offense is going to beat the Saints D, we're going to do it by doing what we do well: run the ball, control the clock, don't turn it over, and hit on a handful of big plays.
I think we will see a lot of Quick Slants with Vern, Crabs and Williams. With Williams speed he could break one or two of those for a TD.
Speaking of running the ball, pierre Thomas lookded like Frank Gore, running through holes created by Suh's over aggresiveness for 20 or 30 yard gashes. That helps Breeze out a lot. As far as 1.5 seconds a throw, that can't be the average for the game. I can see on blitz pickup, but not on every play.
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