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When did you start believing in this years team.

Every year, I believe. Whether or not they rise to my expectation is another thing all together. This year, they did. Didn't expect a 1st round bye, but expected a fight to the finish for the NFC West crown. Took care of both!

That's my team!!!!!
I flew out for the Tampa Bay game and coudn't believe my eyes. I didn't trust it though, we've gotten off to good starts in the past.

For the Detroit game I was nervous. My hopes were up for the first time in a long time. After we won that game, I believed. I actually believed we could beat any team remaining onour schedule.

I've got that nervous feeling again about New Orleans.
Originally posted by Shaj:
I think it was the Lions game. They were red hot at the time and we beat them on the road.

Yep, that was another eye-opener since the Lions were 5 and oh at the time and playing at home.
after the bucs win i knew we would be in the playoffs - they were good at the time

after eagles- i thought we were a great team

after the lions- i was thinking first round bye
When we beat Detroit. I knew it was going to be a good season.
When we hired Harbaugh.
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I started to believe after the eagles game when justin stripped it for the fumble and REALLY believed in them after the detroit game.
Originally posted by RishikeshA:
This is my first post, been a 49er fan since Y.A. graced Kezar Stadium. I started believing in this team when Justin Smith stripped the ball from Jackson and the 49ers won in Phillie.

It was Macklin... but that was my moment as well.
When we fired Dingleberry.. We have had talent for a while.. We just need a coach like Harbaugh to bring it all together.

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Lions game
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