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When did you start believing in this years team.

I knew Harbaugh was going to restore order, but I didn't think he'd do it so quickly. The eagles game made me start to believe that this team was special, because that was the type of game that we previously would have either just keeled over and died in, or eventually had found a way to lose after making it close.
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Originally posted by RishikeshA:
This is my first post, been a 49er fan since Y.A. graced Kezar Stadium. I started believing in this team when Justin Smith stripped the ball from Jackson and the 49ers won in Phillie.

Meant to say it is my first thread. Didn't know it would cause a ripple in the universe.
Justin Smith strips Jeremy Maclin and the sideline explodes.
The Eagles game was one, the other was the Lions game, but what showed me what kind of team we had was the win against the Giants. We were strictly a running team up until that point, but the Giants changed that and stopped our running game completely. There our passing game was born! And we haven't looked back.! Now we can throw and run. Sure our offense is not an explosive one, but with our sturdy defense, our offense just needs to be capable. I Believe!!!!! Go 49ers!

Saints new chant after we demolish em, will be "Who Dis"?? Instead of of "Who Dat"?? We not the same team you took advantage of in preseason B*tches!!! HAHAHA LOL
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Eagles Game
After the Seahawks game, I had a lot of hope for this team when Harbaugh was hired but something about the Seahawk game that truly got me thinking we can win some games, was just the way we won. Idk how to explain it really it was just a feeling that I had, a feeling that I haven't had since the 94' season but ill tell you this I never thought in a million years that we would be the #2 seed in the playoffs! I figured after that game we would probably be 9-7 or 10-6 and before the season started I figured MAYBE 10-6 but more like 8-8, wow what a great season this has been!
thought they would get to the playoffs anyway. will start gettting hopefull depending on the outcome of the next game
I thought this team would make the playoffs after the Eagles game. I began believing this team was something special after the Giants game.
Eagles game.
The Philly game because we came back against a great offense and made serious adjustments in halftime which didn't happen last season.

Originally posted by GoalLineStand:
When Harbaugh got hired.

This!! I knew he could turn this team around......................
when we hired harbaugh
I'm with everyone who is saying "when we hired Harbaugh." He brought with him a fire that this team needed.
Originally posted by DaDivaRecieva15:

Weeks before they fired Sing, I felt the plans to change the coaching staff was taking place in Jed's mind.

When they landed Harbaugh.

When I watched Harbaugh put his staff together.

Then the lockout was a real downer period for any new 49er news.

When Alex ran Camp Alex at San Jose St.

When Baalke finally made us stop sweating and started landing some really good 2nd phase free agent players.

The first 3 and a half quarters of the Dallas game.

When we won 1st road game, stayed in Youngstown, Harbaugh's team field trip to Arilington National Cemetery, 2nd half of the Eagles game.

When I started feeling 1981 Dejavu.

On 4th and goal Smith to Walked TD, and THE HANDSHAKE in Detroit.

When we started the NY Giants losing streak.

During the Harbaugh Bowl, I realized Jim was holding back on the offensive game plan, as he was already planning for the big game in Feb. Harbaugh Bowl II.

We have been in Basic Top Secret Offensive mode since Thanksgiving!!!!! And Team is fine tuning for our 3 game run to our 6th Super Bowl Victory.

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