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If you were JH what would be you strategy to defeat saints?

After watching the saints games, I noticed that no team has corner blitz brees,the try to put pressure in the middle but no success ,what would be you strategy to stop em....Any thoughts..?
I dont know what my strategy would be...i wouldnt have one. Cause im not Jim Harbaugh,
score more points than them
Kill Drew Brees
Some zoners amazed me sometimes......
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Take Payton's other knee out.
First things first. Remind the team of the bush league blitz packages they used in the pre-season
The Annexation of Puerto Rico...
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Ball control is the the only hope we have against Saints, gotta do what we do best no turnovers strong running game and hellish defense. If we can slow the Saints offense down they will panic and make mistakes.

Don't let the aints offense on the field. If Andy Lee has an off day we're f**ked.
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Turn Aldon loose on them and not change much. They have played some good QBs this year and they tended to have subpar games. I do worry (before every game) about the possibility of the 9ers losing.

The best QBs they have played are:

Roethisburger (injured)
E Manning
Romo (broken ribs)

None of these guys are in the category with Brees or Rodgers so I am anxious to see how the 9ers do against these elite guys. It will be a huge test for the DBs. Geez, two weeks away?
I would start the wave on offense
Play Aldon ALOT
Have the CB's bump receivers off routes, especially Jimmy Graham.
Dont commit more than 5 people to rush the passer, Get Creative with Aldon and Justins side. Stunts, etc
Have safety help over the top in bump n run coverage.
Keep bowman as a watchful spy over the likes of sproles.

Let Alex throw it a little more, some of those sideline hits to Vernon like the SEA game.
Work Kyle Williams over the middle and on some sluggo routes
Let Crabs do his thing.
Make sure to get Frank Gore the best food the day before, and get his ass pumped up. Tell him not to dive at defenders feet at the first sign of trouble.
Screen passes to "Big Game HUNTER"
end arounds to Ginn AND K Williams
Similar protection schemes as used against Blitzburgh
Make sure the players are BIGGER than the moment. Dont allow the moment to be bigger than they are and overcome them.
Play calm, coach calm. keep things the same as when we pulled out victories against NY, DET, Philly etc
I'd have to look at the film first
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