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4-3 Defense??

This is off base but I was having a conversation with some friends and the 4-3 defense came up. I know Fangio's specialty is the 3-4 but what would you guys think of our front 7 as a 4-3?

OLB: Larry Grant
ILB: Patrick Willis
OLB: NaVarro Bowman

DE: Aldon Smith
DT: Ray McDonald
NT: Isaac Sopoaga
DE: Justin Smith
Ya because our defense hasn't been getting the job done as currently constituted.
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We have the best defense in the league why would we change it

I hate threads like this
You could do that, but they are better as they are.

They are pretty much a 4-3 teams now. Aldon moves and can rush from either side, but he rushes on most downs. Either way, they are still going to rush 4. The 3-4 allows you to move Aldon around and put 2 LB in the middle.

The "pure 3-4" and "pure 4-3" don't really exist.

The Niners really kinda run a 3-3 + Aldon.
If it aint broke.....dont fix it.....
If it aint broke dont fix it.
I never said they havent been getting the job done, its a hypothetical question. We have 3 good LB's and it would allow them to all be on the field. Aldon also thrives when he can rush from the DE position and Justin Smith played DE in a 4-3 during his time in Cincinnati. The question is if they could be even better.
Larry Grant would not be a good OLB. He'd be better than Parys, maybe Brooks, but no...
Just bring the heat anyway we can. Time to unleash some serious blitz packages from all angles
stupid thread created by a noob, shocker

not only is it the best so we shouldnt change it, but we are also really really deep at linebacker, not only bodies but talent. we dont have the personnel on the dline to go to a 4-3. we use a 3-4 to get the majority of those talented lbs in the game at once. you dont see it alot from this team but a 3-4 allows for more exotic blitz schemes with linebackers by the o line not knowing who is covering and who is blitzing.
on passing downs we are a 4 down linemen team. At least most the time we are. Leave our defense alone.
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Original Poster how long have you been a 49er Fan for?
i think we are just doing everything right at the moment that the OP is feeling something needs to be changed to bring us back to being humans again. (:
Why does someone post this thread every year. NO, we aren't switching to a 4 - 3.
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