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How many more years is Gore our starter?

How many more years is Gore our starter?

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3 more years is about right. That should be long enough for Tiny Hunter to take over.
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two more years as the main guy, then two more as the number two. Older back still can be very effective receivers and frank has always been good at picking up the blitz.
I seriously thought Gore had a bad drop off this season. What's weird however is he is ranked 6 in total rushing yards on the season, that isn't bad. I just think we are so used to seeing him run so much we are having trouble with his production. With every extra run there is that chance that that might be the one that breaks so who knows. Frank is one of those guys who I would love see retire in a niners jersey. If it comes down to him being done I hope we can keep him as a reliable veteran leader who doesn't see a lot of playing time. Maybe i'm just greedy :P

Edit: Checked his stats he is averaging 18.5 attempts per game played which is on par with his previous seasons. But this is his second best season as far as rushing yards even if you count him not playing do to injuries he still might not of put up 1211. This has been his worst year for receiving so that's where he has dropped off a bit, more than 300 yards less than last year. This is his 7th season and he is putting up bigger rushing numbers idk I think he has three or four good years left.
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I think we need to draft a back this year, you don't set "All time" records at the beginning of your career! I would picture Frank being used much like he has been the last 3-4 games, no more "Bell Cow". Just anther back in the rotation.

I doubt we use a high pick on a RB. Depending on free agency, we will need a WR and likely OLB, also a RG, it may be hard to get a Guard, Im iffy on throwing a lot of money at an OG.
Look at the team JH built in Stanford, lots of running back by committee, not a lot at wide receiver. That said I agree with you I don't think we spend a 1st or 2nd on a RB, but it would not shock me if JH does. My personal opinion is we don't have a single top tier WR on this team. I feel good about Kilgore next season and don't see a high pick at guard. As for our team's needs in order I say, WR, DB, RB, DL, RG.

Just because he did this at Stanford doesn't necessarily mean he will do this in SF. I think that offense was created because he may not have had the opportunity to get the type receiving talent that can be available in the NFL. This can be a very versatile offense. I'd like to see more of the passing game develop and that won't happen IMHO until we get some real reliable receivers.

Did you see many Stanford games? We run the same offense, plenty of "no receiver sets"... Running back by committee and fast athletic TE's catching most of the passes, sound familiar?
1 or 2 years. Hope he stays heathy.
only if Gore
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2 years tops. I think he would be an awesome 3rd down RB since stamina seems to be a problem with him now that he is aging.
He has been the starter in name only the last several weeks, JH will be more of a RB by committee guy, and Gores best years are ehind him, as I said you don't set all time records at the beginning of you career, the fact that he passed Joe the the Jet this season indicates he is at the end of his career, so lets win a Superbowl for him thank him for all his service and bring in Monty Ball!
Next year, and that's it.
1 at the most. Maybe 2. Wear & tear & mileage is showing

Im gonna say 1 more year at this current production. But unless he recaptures the same explosiveness coming thru the line like he did at the beginning and to mid season, then he can be very productive in this offense. Lately he hasnt been able to get past 4 yards a carry, injuries seem to have finally slowed him down. His hands on pass plays seemed to have slipped also. So unless he improves next year, then i think its time to start grooming a replacement. I miss the days he used to just punish opposing teams with hard nosed running.
He will be our starter next year. Following year carries will be 50/50 with Hunter.
He's noticeably slower and less explosive. He's got great vision and patience, so he finds daylight a lot of the time. But some of the holes he finds are so massive, I'd think that a younger Gore might get long TD runs instead of the 15-20 yards he gets now.
I think he'll be the entrenched starter at least through 2013, and in the final year of his contract we'll start to see Hunter taking an equal to bulk load of the total carries, followed by either bringing in a younger veteren or draft pick to continue to have that tandem style backfield.
i'd say 2 at the most. they used him well this season. for that 5 game stretch he carried the offense. not sure if next year or the year after would work out that the niners could basically rest him in the last game of the year b/c things are wrapped up. Every hit counts.
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