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niners first offensive play vs rams

deep seam route to brett swain

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run up the middle for 3 by gore
Deep throw down the sidelines to Michael cera, I mean joe Hastings.
Play-action deep 9 route to VD for 70 yards and a TD !!!!
Wam bam thankyou mam right up the middle.
We won't have an offensive play.

We will return every kick/punt/int/fumble for a touchdown.
Alex Smith 80 yard rushing TD
who cares?????????
Great topic for discussion. Wonder what type of bus they have shuttling the team to the stadium.
Originally posted by defenderDX:
who cares?????????


33 yard rush by Gore
Frank Gore to the house :-) Let's GO NINERS!
80yd td reception by sopaoga after 8 broken tackles 1 juke and a hurdle over a high tackler. WILL happen
Alex Smith to Crabtree for 5 yards crossing pattern
15 yards to hastings
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