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Week 16: Thoughts after re-watching the game...

did anyone watch the replay of the blocked punt? that was all goldson...he srsly makes me rage...
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No...I'm only counting safeties (FS and SS). If I included all positions, he'd be tied for 76th.

weird because shows different

only 4 safety ranked higher than him.
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Well...I was thinking about all of this and I was actually going to say something about Edwards, but its now a bit of a moot point. He was simply never the same after the injury. He made a go of it but simply couldn't get right. No ill will toward him and best of luck.

1) Walker: OK, that sucks. I hope he gets his shot in the playoffs.

2) Williams: One of the cheapest shots I've ever seen. There was absolutely no need of any kind to hit him like that. He was on his knees and CLEARLY not trying to run. CHEAP SHOT.

3) Goldson: While he's had a good year, he still has a problem that simply drives me crazy. He can hit with the best of them and will blow people up, but he just doesn't always take very good angles and misses a number of tackles. The Baldwin TD was a prime example. This is why I don't want to franchise him. I know there are people here who love the guy, but even with 6 picks I think this is a position to look at in the draft. He misses tackles and even with those 6 picks, he has ONE pass defensed. He isn't great in coverage. (I just know I'm gonna catch hell for this one. LOL!)

4) Gore: I think hes actually getting a bit more healthy. While not having a huge game, he did look a bit more spry than he has in a few weeks. I think backing off his carries was a good move.

5) Hunter: ....and those extra carries going to Hunter was a good thing as well. He's getting good at getting lost behind blockers, forcing a LB to commit, and then going the other way. He's not Frank, but he is a solid #2 who's improving.

6) Vernon: Damn he's frustrating. In the first half, he did the exact same thing he did vs the Cards at the stick. Alex puts that ball in a good spot and he just doesn't look down to drag the leg. Then he drops an easy first down catch and I want to put my Niner Helmet through my 70" screen. Then in the second half he makes two of the nicest sideline catches I've ever seen him make. I just wish he could have that sideline awareness all the time.

7) Crabtree: He is simply different this year. I wish he had caught the juggled pass in the first half, but the 41 yard completion was a thing of beauty. Not only was it a great pass, but the reception and the ability to stay in bounds (ya hear that Vernon?) was awesome.

8) Aldon: WOW. That guy is turning it on at the right time. That sack was fantastic. I watched it 4 times. He kinda comes off the ball slowly to lull the LT to sleep....and then EXPLODED. Not only does he have 14 sacks as a rookie, but he's not getting them the same way all the time. Yeah, the Niners love that stunt with Justin, but he'll run around you, over you and now he'll play with your head. This guy has a chance to be special.

9) Fortitude: The 'Hawks came out throwing punches and landed one squarly in the jaw (no pun intended. Sorry Delanie). They came out like gangbusters and the Niners never panicked. They just kept playin'. They think they can win any game even when things go bad early. Don't get this wrong....the 'Hawks are gonna be a pain for years to come, especially in Seattle. These teams are built the same way. The Niners are just further along in the process (and if you wanna see a great safety, look at Earl Thomas). The Niners took that punch, never lost their composure, and then dominated. Outside of the blocked punt, this game was never close in the second half. Yes, Lynch got his 100 and his TD. He can have it. The Hawk's lost and they will be sitting at home in January.

10) Grant: This is another one thats gonne get people upset with me. LOL! First off, lemme say this. I like him. I think he's a fantastic backup and an absolute luxury to have a guy like that behind Willis. He made the play of the day when he stripped Jackson from behind. He also made some good plays on special teams and overall has played very well. He just ain't Patrick Willis tho. I never expected him to be, but if Patrick is in there Lynch doesn't score that TD and I don't think Lynch gets anywhere near 100. Get well Patrick. We need you.
Great post - I always enjoy reading them. I agree with everything you said. Aldon is a f***ing beast and I enjoy watching him every snap he takes. I just hope he breaks the rookie sack record on Sunday. Pretty unbelievable that he is not even considered an alternate for the Pro Bowl with 14 sacks. It must have something to do with the amount of players that the Niners already have represented in the Pro Bowl.

One more thing. Alex missed a few throws on Sunday, but I was very impressed with the way he carried himself in the second half. He made some great throws under pressure and did not necessarily check down the way he has done so in the past. I just hope he can hit those deep throws in the playoffs - NO WAY we get past GB or NO without him hitting those throws. Our D can only carry us so far.
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