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Braylon Edwards released

Originally posted by dj43:
Somewhat on a tangent, but, the fact Harbaugh kept Edwards around as long as he did indicates Harbaugh fully recognizes the team's need for a guy with the size and skill set that Edwards has when healthy and motivated. This should give us a strong hint as to what the FO will be looking for at the top of the draft next spring. Specifically, a big, strong guy who can shield off a defender and go up and get the ball above a smaller DB.

We have seen what AJ Green has provided Andy Dalton in Cincy and how a healthy Julio Jones has taken the heat off Roddy White in Atlanta....and we can be certain Harbaugh/Baalke has seen that as well. I will be rather surprised if the 49ers do not make a move to grab one of the top WRs in the draft...perhaps even moving up a ways in the first round.

Sorry for the Draft Room comment but the choice to even bring in such a troubled player this past summer gives significant insight into Harbaugh's thinking about what this team needs to get the passing game going.

I agree with you. But the above is exactly the type of WR that I thought Crabtree would be. Too bad it hasn't turned out that way.

Get that guy Hastings on the field who already knows the playbook and no competing team knows him. Can't do worse since Braylon did nothing but drop passes.
I dropped Braylon from my Fantasy team 4 weeks ago, I should of let him go earlier than that. Good luck to Hastings
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