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Next man up: Who do you want returning kicks?

Next man up: Who do you want returning kicks?

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I'd like to see what Brett Swain has got as a return man, could've sworn it said somewhere that he was a return man in Green Bay.
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Derrick Lovielle
I think it has to be Reggie Smith or Brett Swain. Either/or would be adequate. We need to get Ginn back for the play offs.
Terrell Owens and Randy Moss book it.

I hope its hunter or culliver.
joe cribbs or johnny johnson
Originally posted by BobS:
Yeah, remember life before Ted Ginn? How long will he be out? I can remember a lot of fumbles and negative returns during the pre Ginn years. With our style of play we need production from our return men, not screw ups.

I believe in JIm Harbrough, special team coach Seely, and Baalke. They will make sure that whoever is replacing Ginn can field punts. If there is no one healthy in our team who can field punts, they will bring in someone. There are a lot of experienced guys out there (veteran or rookie) who can field punt securely but without the explosiveness in returning. At this point, if necessary, we should sacrifice the return skills with ball security.
Harbaugh said Reggie Smith would handle punts and Hunter and/or Culliver would do kickoffs if Ginn, Williams can't play.!/mattbarrows/status/152876597274357761

Harbaugh sounded a bit more optimistic about Ginn (ankle) than he did about Williams (concussion).!/mattbarrows/status/152876848253112321

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