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Roethlisberger: I was 49ers best player

Something Alex Smith hasn't had to say about himself and the other team this season (such as "I was the Steelers' best player last night). It's not sexy, and at times it's too limiting, but there's something to be said about not turning the ball over.
The level of homerism on this board is insane.

Big Ben is NOT slighting out team. He is placing blame on the fact that he was horrible. Absolutely nothing wrong with that. And I have ALWAYS hated Ben.
Originally posted by English:
Well, he shouldnt have been out there, then. Send him a game ball, someone.

Exactly! Now get off the field chumps!!!
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Shut up you idiot. I bet his a hole is still sore from Smith molesting him all night that's why
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He was the Worst Steeler that night. The best 49er was Aldon Smith he found that out first hand didnt you Big Ben?
Damn rapist