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Roethlisberger: I was 49ers best player

Bens a douche

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It's an arrogant comment, from an arrogant dude. He thinks his s**t don't stink.
I think Big Ben is one tough football player but your wrong you werent the best Niner it was either Aldon Smith or Andy Lee.
When he was praying before the game, some Steelers fan at the bar said "look, he's Tebowing", I yelled back "maybe he's finally asking for forgiveness".
Biggest drama QUEEN in the NFL not named Tony Romo
Originally posted by modninerfan:
You guys need to stop getting your panties all up in a bunch... He's just taking accountability for his poor play. Like a bunch of women your all looking to be offended.

Big Ben had a plan to rape us last night in Candlestick on one leg. Even the lights went out and everything. Ben couldn't get it up to finish it. Now he blamed us for being ugly as the reason for his inability. That's an insult. We are offended.

If Big Ben would have won the game he would have been a hero and now that he got his ass kicked everyone I saying he shouldn't have started lol.
Originally posted by ChazBoner:
just taking accountability for his horrible play. That's all. IMO, they got out coached and our OL played like their lives were on the line.

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text from co-worker this morning

You know I beat Michael Jordan on a 1 on 1 game, but he had a broken ankle.

Originally posted by Magzarillious:
Originally posted by VaBeachNiner:
Actually Andy Lee was the 49ers best player tonight.

He was incredible


Originally posted by Shaj:
... Ben didn't do any of that, he just made that one simple comment, and nothing else he said that I saw supported that it was a derogatory comment made in an effort to undermine our win or the abilities of our team.

I get your perspective though. It would be interesting to actually hear and see him say it. Communication is 70% non-verbal.

In Sport -- It's not what you say, it's the manner, and venue, in which you chose to say what you do ...
My first reaction while watching Post-Game; was WTF. Since watching again, I'm not sure.

Pro athletes learn very quickly, at least well advised ones, that their demeanour on and off
camera must be different. This is first-hand observation, and not an assumption I make.

Did you see the Steeler' sideline, during the second Black-Out? There was a verbal exchange
between Ben, and a few team mates. It occurs when a fan runs onto the field ... not aware the
cameras are on them -- Ben and others are joking around, as the SF Police are in chase. Ben,
to paraphrase says, Where is James Harrison, when you need him !

Again, it's not what was spoken ... it was the place and space in time, his facial expression,
and the mood of the moment that will count.
He's probably right because a healthy Ben probably would have beat us.

But he wasn't and we won so he can suck it.
Even if he was healthy I think Aldin would have caused him problems all night. So happy to see this kid play, I hope he gets someore playing time. Our d is the real deal, just need a healthy pwill back. But props to Big Larry (54) for stepping up.
I heard Ben say in another sound bite that the niners were teh better team and simply beat them. so i'm not going to kill big ben for that comment. niners players did that every game last year after a close lose.
Whatever Rapelisberger!

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