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Williams vs. Edwards: debate settled

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Williams is gonna overtake Crabs by next year.

He has better quickness and speed and his hands are equal to Crabs.

He runs good routes and demands more respect from the db's.

Another year with Alex and he will be our #1 wr unless we draft a true #1 or pick one up in FA.

In my perfect world, we draft a #1 or pick one up in FA, have Williams in the slot and also have Crabs. That would be a killer top 3 wr set with Morgan and Ginn off the bench!

Interesting thought. Dont agree, but there you are. I think Crabtree is coming along just fine, but I do want that No 1, and Williams is too short for what I want. Either Braylon pulls it together and breaks through or we (hopefully) draft one. Entirely agree though that Williams has a great future.

A big receiver is a MUST for next season. Edwards being gone next year is almost a foregone conclusion in my mind. The only thing that would change that is if he has some big games in the remainder of the season and the playoffs...but I'm not holding my breath.

I expect the 49ers to use one of their first two picks on a WR next spring depending on value. I don't expect them to reach for one but would not put it beyond them to trade up in the first round to grab one of the top guys.

This season has clearly shown how limited the passing offense will be without a healthy WR corp. The fact we were forced to use a Green Bay castoff last night shows how far behind we are compared to the top passing teams. I don't expect Baalke to miss that fact.

I think the 9ers could possible target Alshon Jefferey in the draft to fill that Braylon void.
hope to see williams,crabtree,and ginn the rest of the year. i think williams,crabtree,ginn,morgan,davis,walker,byham,miller,hunter,gore and the draft will give us plenty of passing options for next year
Kyle Williams makes first downs (and touchdowns).
Edwards donated his salary to college students. Best thing he's done all year.
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