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offensive plays of recent years you would like to see back in niners playbook

obviously with harbaugh/roman you have new coaches/new playbook
but i wonder if they look at past years and try to incorporate plays of past coordinators that worked well

one that comes to mind is the seam route to vernon davis deep downfield....that play worked so well, that defenses have really geared up to stop it, yet im not sure i recall niners even trying it once this year (i know smith overthrew davis deep vs cards, but that didnt look like the play that they used to work so well)

another would be the roll right and throw back left to davis---that has gone for tds in past years (opener vs cards in 1986, and acouple years ago vs seahawks)
Touchdown plays.
Touchdown 49ers!

~ love that.
that seam route is the only thing that keeps me in games on madden.
Originally posted by ChazBoner:
Touchdown plays.

We have a lot of trouble running these plays
The fake handoff to the FB and the side pitch to the RB going the opposite way.....
roll right throw out of bounds, used to be a staple for us
Inside the 5... Naked boot leg...
20 Halfback Curl X-Up
Screens and quick slants over the middle. The slant patterns was Jerry Rice and John Taylors bread and butter plays. They used to get alot of YAC and touch downs with them

jimmy rayes flea flicker
Originally posted by crabman82:
roll right throw out of bounds, used to be a staple for us

don't forget the false start play. Whenever alex does the "let it roll, let it roll" motion (which i find waaaaay more than coincidental sometimes) i always think im going to see that play again!
Would love to see the TE drag come back near the goal line where the Qb play actions to the RB then rolls into a naked bootleg with the TE dragging across the formation from the opposite side of the formation giving the QB a run or pass option.
35 TD's to 1 INT in the redzone again...............
Originally posted by ChazBoner:
Touchdown plays.

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