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Is Harbaugh really that good of a coach?


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no hes the worst coach evarrr
Originally posted by FredFlintstone:
wheres area49 saying whisenhunt is twice the coach harbaugh is i cant stand that guy/troll

LOL. Funny thing is that was his first post in maybe over a month. We lose a game and now all of sudden he is an active poster again.
do you know chatta?
Not sure if serious
Originally posted by SportsFan:
Lock it up.

Just more stupid s**t that comes out after a loss.

so true!
1. Think about post.
2. Post.

I think you missed step 1
he's an "ok" coach....imagine what alex can do with a great coach

extend alex and i say give jim one more year to prove himself. we have kept alex for this long, i say we keep searching for a great coach until we figure out what is wrong.
Originally posted by SofaKing:
Yes. Yes he is.

And gonna get better!

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lets face it...the guy who started this thread is a troll
this thread is worse than the P Willy never makes big plays thread. And thats a hard feat to accomplish
Bring back Singletary...
Lol I swear I wish I could feed so many people on this forum a knuckle sandwich. I can't believe that stupid people are so prosperous in the world.
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why do we allow noobs to start threads?
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