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Niners need to defend the screen AND implement it into their offense

Packers, Saints , Patriots, and Steelers ALL screen wh*re all of the time.

I haven't seen us screen more than twice a game.

I bet you a screen game would help us out. Everyone else is doing it. Harbro needs to fix this asap.

Where the hell is the screen passes? Doesn't make f**king sense
I agree. Get's frustrating watching other teams run it and we don't at all to pick up easy yards and 1st downs
I think SF should use the screen play to setup the run the way we used to just pass WCO style to setup the run.

We gotta come out aggressive and make sure teams respect the screen. Once the pass rush comes it seems so difficult for us to overcome way is to pre-emptively deal with it.
I saw one screen pass today to Hunter. I was shocked.
The screen would sure help agaist the blitz!! They have to figure out a way to stop the blitz or its gonna be one and done.
jim better be reading these webzone forums!!!
Great post and totally agree.
It's amateur to be honest. I have never seen a team so adverse to the screen pass at any level. It's extremely frustrating.

I am tired of seeing plays being called that have our receivers barely making it out of their breaks before Alex is sacked or because the ball comes out quickly because of a blitz.

The screen game is a must for a team with shoddy protections and frankly I'm getting sick of the same calls on ever 3rd down.

Originally posted by Schulzy:
The screen game is a must for a team with shoddy protections and frankly I'm getting sick of the same calls on ever 3rd down.

That's the full extent of the situation, distilled into one sentence.
Glad I'm not the only person wondering WTF.
Back when Manusky was D Coordinator, our D got burned by screens consistently due to our need to scheme up blitzes to generate any sort of pass rush. Teams are blitzing the s**t out of Alex and the O-line. The playcalling isn't helping at all by ignoring the screen play.
I get more nervous whenever the 49ers get into the shotgun, than about their no screen passes. I'm more nervous because Frank, and others lose their footing more often than usual.
Roman seems as stubborn as Singletary at times. He looks like a genius at times and a complete idiot at others. I agree with us allowing 6 sacks a game why not take advantage and use screens? We traditionally haven't and usually aren't very good at them but assuming we can get a throw off before the 15 rushers get there we should be in good shape. As for the defense we are playing a lot better against the screens than last year. We got beat a ton by them last year. This year not really...

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