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Start Kyle Williams?

Start Kyle Williams?

Originally posted by stillpans4gold:
Also, in his short playing time, he's shown a variety of skills and abilities.

- Had a long catch and run for a TD.

- Had a goal-line end zone (Key play) catch for a TD (Something we need to have more of)

- Been good at getting getting the first down

- Showed great speed and running ability on that fly sweep play against the Rams.

- And… That stiff arm was naaaasssssttttyyyy!

Crap pic I know! Please somebody out there post a better pic of this epic stiff arm.... or even better a .gif

As for more playing time, I think it's going to happen naturally, but he's been a nice surprise and filled the Morgan/Edwards-hole pretty well. Since the Rams game, I've been looking into this kid and found a lot of interesting things. Just a hunch... this kid feels like a playoff "hidden" impact player

I really liked this kid last year, but then he got injury problems, then I was like, oh man not another Morgan. Morgan is pretty good too and was starting to comeinto his own then whap, another injury. Was glad they saw his (Williams) talent and kept him.
Originally posted by ChazBoner:

That's Garrison Hearst 99yds TD stiff arm
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We have to because we need speed on offense right now as Ginn isn't a polished route runner and has decent hands and drops too many balls. Kyle has made play after play when given the chance.
Originally posted by jreff22:
I would start Kyle and let Braylon play a couple of snaps to slowly get him back into the mix.

Kyle definitely has some game changing ability but dont give up on Braylon just yet - expect great things from him in the red zone specifically. I can feel it. Huge catches are coming soon ..., and in the playoffs...., and beyond!
Originally posted by English:
At the least, give him more playing time.

It should be noted that during the lockout at 'Camp Alex', Morgan and Williams were probably Alex Smith's most consistent rep-targets/fully-practicing receivers (Edwards wasn't here yet, and Crabs didn't participate in any non-NFL-insured practices). -So it's really no wonder that since the beginning of the season, both Morgan (before injury), and Williams seem(ed) to catch almost any kind of ball thrown their way from Alex.
That first TD earlier in the year is still the best TD I have seen from the niners so far.
Originally posted by leakyfausett:
That first TD earlier in the year is still the best TD I have seen from the niners so far.

It was a signature 49ers type of catch, the most shown in photographs this season.

This guy is about to GO OFF on the Cardinals this Sunday. Book it. P.Peterson thought that Crabtree was a challenge...imagine Williams vs Peterson and whoever else they got in that secondary.
K-Dub is excited about playing in AZ. Gonna ball it up!
at least play him--- a lot!
We can't give up on Edwards yet. This is a guy who just a couple of years ago had 16 td's. It's not like we are over paying for him, we got him for peanuts this year. If he is healthy, you have to start him.
If Edwards is ready It will be Crabtree and Edwards, safe to say Crabs is the #1... Kyle Williams ATLEAST deserves the #3 spot, safe to say he leaped Ginn in the rotation, but Ginn will still get snaps on some end arounds and some go routes.. If Edwards is still slow, expect to see ALOT of Kyle Sunday!!!!
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