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Is our offense playoff ready or do we need some serious help.

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Red Zone man. We can get there but we need more TDs. I'm hoping they're saving some calls for the playoffs, but it seems our playcalling down there is very bland. If our Red Zone offense gets it together we can make some serious serious noise.

It's more playcalling. We don't even try down there. We go into a shell, hide and become ultra conservative. I don't think that will work in the playoffs.

I agree our redzone struggles have more to do with playcalling. We are so diverse in between the 20's, but then inside the 10 we telegraph our plays with the heavy power-I formations. It's too predictable and even the worst run D's are stopping those runs by the goalline. Harbaugh and Roman appear to be very intelligent play callers, so I'm sure they'll figure something out.
we called some lame running plays in the redzone. i think harbaughs saving his good stuff for the playoffs. he came to party. we move the ball well and our offense racked it up today considering that other long TD that VD dropped...
I dont see why we can't run the same plays we usually do in red zone, it seems like we turn into singletary offense during crunch time
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Do we have enough offense to win games in the playoffs??? Here is the numbers break down

Top NFC teams

#1 Packers 34 points per game, Total yards 405 per game
#2 Saints 32 points per game, 449 total yards per game
#3 Lions 28 points per game, 376 total yards per game
#4 Cowboys 24 PPG, 385 total yards per game
T--#4 Bears 24 PPG, 325 total yards per game
T--#4Panthers 24 PPG, 397 total yards per game
#5 49ers 23 PPG, 315 total yards per game

Biggest problem we have is red zone scoring. It's like they're afraid to let Alex throw the ball INTO the endzone. I don't get it?? If we convert those redzone opportunities into TD's we could be an Elite team. Right now we score TD's off of turnovers and good field posistion. We have to be more consistent when the opportunities are there..
we need to catch the damn ball and receivers(williams today)need to make something happen
We are not an explosive offense like a GB or NO....if thats what your trying to ask. Our offense is based on the running game with moderate passing. Now the question is, can we get into a shoot-out with GB or NO? In my honest opinion....Not so sure. We can throw the ball down field but we just don't have the receiving corps that scares anyone. We'll get our yards down field but to be able to do that consistently....I'm not sure we can. The defense is built to keep us in games and if there is ever a team that can score at will on our D, then I think we will be in trouble.

Yes we bet the Giants, but I don't consider their offense in the same class as GB and NO. Missing catches in the endzone, like Davis did today, will not help us at all in the playoffs.

I really hope Willis is okay and won't miss the playoffs. This is the worse scenario I didn't want. We've been healthy all year and hope we don't start having injuries late in the season.
all the FG's sure are concerning.
after watching the game, I wouldnt say our offense is in need of SERIOUS help. I would say in the middle of 'playoff ready' and 'needing serious help'. it's the little things we have to do right on a consistent basis

1. Red Zone efficiency, HAS to IMPROVE! We CANNOT settle for so many field goals in the post season against high-powered offenses
2. Offense needs to work on time management adjustments before the ball is snapped
3. Alex needs more practice on his sideline deep ball
4. O-line needs to get cleaned up in terms of consistent protection
5. VD has got to focus more on his hands!
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Originally posted by ChazBoner:
all the FG's sure are concerning.

exactly....we aren't going to beat a playoff team with just FG. Our TD efficiency needs to get better or we'll be in trouble. We can't just rely on D alone in the playoffs.
Our offense needs a lot of work - and it mostly is due to the offensive line. The Rams were able to get pressure and keep our running game in check. The coaching staff is able to mask the shortcomings of the offensive line with scheme for each opponent. Even in this game, in the second half they had to adjust to the Rams success against our oline with end arounds and QB roll outs, etc, in order to diffuse the pressure. The oline is not getting it done without lots of help.

Each game, I am more convinced that our Oline is going to get a major makeover next offseason.

The offense is not playoff ready. They have 4 more games to get it together. The D though, is ready to rock !
Have we quietly become a pass first offense?
Originally posted by dtmoney49er:
At time we looks impressive and then all of a sudden we do harmfully things lIke run a wild cat on 3 down in the red zone.

That was some stupid s**t. Please remove that play from the playbook.
need another WR threat, a better blocking TE, and depth at OL
Our OLine needs some serious help in blocking and our receivers need to start catching passes. I understand that QB's will miss a few passes every now and then but today Alex missed a wide open Ginn twice! Either way Alex needs to capitalize on those opportunities. Also our redzone playcalling needs to improve this run 3 times in a row and kick a fg crap needs to go!
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