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What did you do /are doing so that the Niners enter the playoffs and more this year?

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have not worn my jersey this year?
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I have 2 TVS in my basement, one a 52, the other a 46.

One TV has RedZone on and the other the Game..

The only 2 weeks I put it on the 52, was week 2 against my brothers favorite team... And thanksgiving when a bunch of friends came over to watch it.

I will no longer watch it on the big screen...
kept picking the niners to lose in the pickem no matter what.

Bought madden this year, and that sombitych Ray Lewis is in the opening theme. Anyways,
I usually buy a starting qb's jersey no matter what, but this time , I skipped the Kaep. AOOOOOO AOOOOOO
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