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49ers Offense - One Thing Clear.....

It became abundantly clear last night that the 49ers have not installed a complete offense yet. They had no ability to adjust to the pressure with screens, roll outs,waggled,etc. Although they spoke about their ability to improvise last week against AZ, last night,on short week,they had couldn't deviate much from the game plan. As a matter of fact,they didn't even revert back to prior game plans with super heavy run formations.

Yes, the Oline was atrocious, but the play calling as vanilla as well. Hopefully they can use the next few weeks to round out their scheme installation and practice it in these next games so they are a more complete offense by the playoffs.
Yes to all above.

This extended time before our next game is gonna help out I think.

We have to at least get a screen play in and perfected by the end of the regular season.
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honestly, I think the coaching staff was afraid to use screens in particular, for fear of a pick-6 that would put the game away. Our O played scared the whole night. The jail breaks by the D didn't help.
I think they're intentionally holding plays back for the post season. The injury bug and fatige was an issue as well.
I was dombfounded last night to why the Niners didnt look like their selves last night. The defense just didnt look like they did the previous 10 games they had played. But the offensive line was the worst. Could not beleive they gave up 9 sacks. Now im aware that Racheal came in and allowed some of those sacks - but if u watched the game u noticed pressure was coming from every direction with blitz and stunts - so it cant all be on Rachel.

So my question and concern is did John Harbough showcase a template or formula on how to disrupt and dominate the 49ers offense?
Gore has between 43-61 receptions/year since 2006. This year 16 in 11 games.
No he didn't create anything, the oline just didn't play well on a short week.
yeah schedule a short week and hurt Snyder
Plus, Snyder got injured early and that put Chilo in at right guard, and that's when it all fell apart. Chilo also shared responsibility in the cut block that took away the TD to Ginn. The line got noticeably weaker when Snyder left with a hamstring injury and it showed.

Jim's gotta get Chilo out of there.
He sure did. Its tough to add playing on 3 days rest, traveling across the country and 3 time zones, and having the coach best friend on your sideline to other teams formula. I think the better team won, and at home. We just gotta get better. Our lack of depth on offense really showed.

Yes, but let's be clear. At the start of the season with no prep time at all, who here thought that Harbaugh had installed pretty much anything?

You are right. Next season will be better. Trouble is, NinerTalk thinks everything should be done immediately. Or they start winging.
Originally posted by susweel:
No he didn't create anything, the oline just didn't play well on a short week.

Our fans are already getting used to winning...

Anyone remember the OL play in the preseason...or last year? Remember how people said it would get better with time? As we all have seen so far in the first 10 games this year, the OL play was great. It's almost a given that this team will once again learn from its mistakes and get better.

This isn't a Nolan/Singeltary team.

Jim Harbaugh/Roman/Fangio all got out coached last night. It's part of the game and it will happen from time to time. Lets not forget that this a ROOKIE HC staff, regardless of how much experience they have. I think this game was a good reminder that this team, although VASTLY improved from the past, still has a long way to go to be considered elite....IMO.
Originally posted by AXEGRINDER:
Originally posted by susweel:
No he didn't create anything, the oline just didn't play well on a short week.


This x 2.
You sack any qb 9 times and you vastly improve your chances of winning.
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