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Make no mistake about it, Fangio was thoroughly out-coached

Originally posted by BrianGO:
"Passrush 2.0" is on the sideline 70% of the snaps. And I don't understand how Kilgore is worse than Rachal.

I've got to think that it comes down to a lack of reps with the first team for Kilgore. When Snyder is in there, you've got a guy that's smart enough to play center taking a look at the D and helping Davis understand his responsibilities on every play. Rachal can't do that, and I doubt Kilgore would be able to without the proper amount of reps.

Not sure what the practice schedule is like with the long practice week coming up, but I wouldn't be surprised to see Kilgore getting a few more reps with Snyder banged up.
Our whole staff was outcoached. First game this year. Short week + long trip contributed to it. We only had one practice, baltimore had 2.
Originally posted by Phoenix49ers:
Originally posted by Apone:
Yes he was definitely thoroughly out coached. That's why the game was tied going to the 4th. Not to mention, barely 2 days of practice and traveling 3 time zones, which hadn't been done since 1975 had nothing to do with anything.

Pagano's defense=frequent blitzes, 9 sacks, and intense pressure in the quarterbacks face all the time.

Fangio's defense=Watch Flacco sit back in the pocket for 5 or 6 seconds, take his time picking the defense apart and moving the ball up the field, zero sacks for the day and basically zero blitzes utilized.

Call it whatever you want, Pagano had a much better gameplan than Fangio did.

They got pressure with their 3-4 man fronts. They hardly blitzes at all.
Originally posted by ak49:
not sure who to blame more Roman + Harbaugh or A.Smith for not getting the ball out fast enough after seeing that the Ravens were pressuring on every play.

Don't be stupid Alex was amazing tonight with all that pre sure and NO run game at all.
place cracks me up. we lose our second game and the webzone goes nuts lol.
Fangio was not out-coached. The problem was and has been our offense is not explosive enough. Any Nfl team should win the game if you only give up 16 points!!!
Roman was out-coached. A point to made, our D was on the field a long time [sorry I don't have exact figures]. Our Oline was b***h-slapped all game, our WR couldn't get seperation and their D was ready for everything we did. The Ginn TD was the only time we got to them and Chilio fixed that.
I believe we were robbed of all chance to win this game. I think the short week and traveling had a lot to do with the outcome. Not to mention the horrific officiating. I mean I seen someone grab alex by the face mask and pull him down and someone slipped their hand into the back of his helmet and pulled him down (don't know if that's legal or not). Not to mention the rediculous high low bs and the interception was the worst of all that should have been our ball. Because of the bad play by the o line and vanilla defense we should have lost by 3 tonight. It's not the loss the angers me it's the situation that created a game that was asking to much of our players to win. Like I said if the officials get those calls correct then we have a more interesting close game. I want to see the Ravens next year on either field and I want a different crew calling it and a full week to prepare. Here's to hoping we get a Harbowl rematch.
Fangio caused the pass interference call that put the ravens in our red zone, eh?
Our unexplosive offense did make, what was that, like a 70 yard touchdown with the worst receiver on our team in Ted Ginn. Only to be stripped away by referees who were being hard nosed.

Fangio? The niners gave up 16 points and less than 300 yards. What are you smoking? please share!
Originally posted by SJniner7:
Fangio? The niners gave up 16 points and less than 300 yards. What are you smoking? please share!

This game was about the Oline. Davis and Rachal got blown up all night. Davis may have been a little gimpy from last game, but there were a couple plays were he didn't even slow down the blitzers. Rachal has been talked about enough already, that guy is garbage.
Originally posted by niners4lyfe:
I agree with the poster that we should've brought more heat instead of this vanilla defense but the offensive line was a huge problem.

Agree. We are still 9-2 lead our division and have alot of things to work on now over the next few weeks. Still hard to believe this is the first time we have lost in over two months.
Im going to agree that the defense played bad tonight, but only based on the standards they've set this season.

They only allowed 16 points, correct, and thats awesome. But they also couldnt do much to the Ravens offense. Barely touched Flacco all night, were letting a lot of people run free and they were allowing the Ravens to make key third down conversions. The times we needed them to make plays, they didn't. And that's why I think they played bad. Offense played worse of course, but the defense couldn't get the stops when we absolutely needed them to.
Tonight meaning last night of course.
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