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Playoff atmosphere in Nov....i love it!!!

Get Brett Swain in there. I think he can be more solid (and reliable) than Edwards and Ginn. Rest up Edwards until/if he is healthy.
You would think that a screen call would have been perfect to counter all their blitzes. Do we even have a screen play in the playbook?
Originally posted by Sman:
the pick wasn't his fault at all.....just seems that everythim the ball is thrown to him it's thrown way to high or to hard (even when he's 3 yards away.) Typical alex.....

You have a high quality WR of that size in man coverage and sometimes you throw one up to him and just hope he will use his body to make a play. he did not do it.
I'm convinced that Jimmy Raye was out there calling plays tonight. "Well Gore has lost yards the last 3 times we had him run the ball up the middle so........lets run the ball up the middle."
Doesn't look like we've got that far yet.

Would really help out in these type of games but maybe the timing of a screen is something we are having trouble with in practice?
I hate to say it, but Bray Bray can kick rocks
I posted around half time the playcalling was horrible... i know it was a short week but they worked on them in the bye week and in the offseason. I said that Roman should be doing more screens, draws, dump offs, SLANTS and not having alex drop back 7 steps... even hurry up shotgun but what we did fed them all night long. It was stupid... also, think we passed a bit much... more 1st down runs and get Hunter in there to the outside. We are a professional team and we can't get Gore a pair of f**king cleats where he doesn't slip. They use to change size of spikes during games, apparently not anymore. No creative runs either... it was like Jim wanted to run it down their throats and that's it as if they aren't the #2 or whatever run d
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I am sorry, if the receiver puts his arm on the defender to push off then it is fair game. The chop block pissed me off but apparently it was technically a penalty. But that call was complete b******t. Brown was running stride for stride with him, he initiates the contact and Brown gets flagged. The NFL needs to f**king change this s**t they have created this offseason.
Brown held is arm
Originally posted by MoistButtCheeks:
R U guys serious. ARODGE was putting balls in the sweet spot today. LOL
Yeah I'm serious. Forget the QB for a second and just watch the WR. Watch the pass routes - Braylon can't win a single one. He's a liability. He's a slow tight end playing WR right now.

Who the F is bray bray? Please God tell me you're not referring to Braylon Edwards.
I would choke a ref out if I could. Bad officiating in all 3 games today.
Originally posted by valrod33:
Brown held is arm

After he shoved it in his stomach. The receiver initiated the contact as Brown was going for the ball. To me it was incidental that he got it wrapped up. He wouldn't have wrapped up his arm if the receiver never used it to push off.
It was PI Brown held his arm. While the chop block was a BS call it was technically a by the books call.
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