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Playoff atmosphere in Nov....i love it!!!

Been waiting all day for this. This game is huge!!!! When we win it will FINALLY end all haters!!!!

It won't end the haters haha. Beating the Giants was supposed to do that. Afterall, we play in the NFC West and all of our wins are only against them.
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NFL Networks coverage has been amazing
why is Rachel in and not Snyder? SOMEONE know anything?
We lost and we have ALOT of work to do. But we competed with the likely AFC Champs.
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What The F...k?!!!! Where was the pass rush....where was the protection?

.. Having no sacks and allowing nine = LOSS 100% of the time.
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where was the pass protection if we had some we probably would have won and why wasnt the ravens called for face mask on alex smith
the right side was horrible..davis and rachal wtf....
We gave up 16 points. I can live with that. Our O-Line let us down tonight
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