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Clinching playoffs & our QB rookies

Once we clinch, should the rookies have any playing time? If so, how much playing time?
[ Edited by LionHeartofGold on Nov 17, 2011 at 11:27 AM ]
Alex and the offense will take this time to get the offense in rolling. We need it for the playoffs.
We had no offseason our starters need all the reps they can get. maybe play just the first half of the final game
Maybe just 1 quarter a game for Kap, just in case Smith gets hurt.
clinching is not the end all. The starters will continue to play full games. First round bye and home field advantage are huge.
Until we can't go any higher or lower in the race for #1 seed, only then will we see back-ups playing more( unless there are blowouts).

Until then, we are playing for the West, once clinched, then we play for the #1 seed with our starters, end of story.
1st round bye....then we'll fill this thread up....
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