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If you could acquire one player and make them a 49er...

DeSean Jackson
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I wonder if he wants out of Philly?
Darelle Revis
Vonte DAvis
Who's the best WR in the league right now.

yah him
Originally posted by Nes49:
I wonder if he wants out of Philly?

Maybe next year..? Disgruntle...
Rodgers should be automatic.

To make it fair, you should say anyone besides Rodgers.
Now you cant look at this question from strictly a talent or how well they are playing right now perspective. You have to think about how they would fit into the framework of the team and the scheme.

I would not want an established quarterback from another team. It sounds crazy but history is littered with failed quarterbacks because they changed systems. Now im definitely not saying a Brady or a Manning couldnt come here and be successful, but i just think it will do more to serve the team with someone else. If I would take any quarterback it would be either Andrew Luck or Cameron Newton. Different ways to get it done but both immensely talented and driven.

A big time WR would be nice but purely aesthetic. We have good WRs for the offense we run, IF Edwards and Morgan are signed after this year.

RB - not a need
OL - Earlier in the season i would have said Nick Mangold but we have been getting very good up front, best ive seen in probably more than a decade.
TE - def not a need

So crazy as this sounds, i think defense would be the way to go.

Ngata would be destructive at the opposite end of Justin Smith on run downs and DT with both Smiths on the outside on passing downs?!! forget about it. But Ray mac is pretty good in that role as well.

imo our biggest weakness is at safety. Most of the big plays against us have been blown safety coverage. Ed Reed and Troy P both do amazing things, but they do tend to freelance and give up big plays as well.

Of course Revis is awesome, but the rule changes have handicapped CB to such a degree, im wondering if a bigger impact could be made by someone else....

James Harrison. Dude is tough, like really really tough. Mean. Ferocious hitter. Prime of his career. 100 yard int return in the Superbowl was the greatest play ive ever seen a LB make. And i didnt think anything would top Willis' INT TD in seattle.

Harrison is one of the few physically intimidating people in the NFL to other players. To add him to the other hitters on this team would make other teams scared to play us. And not scared like they might lose, scared like they might lose their quarterback.

Just my two cents, pick any of em really.
Fitzgerald (assuming we are talking non-QB)

A stud like Revis or Polamalu/Ed Reed in the secondary would make this defense ridiculous

Rodgers is a dynasty QB

J Allen and Justin smith would make a historic end combo that could play 3-4 or 4-3

Suh is a beast.....truely one of a kind almost ungame planable.

The best fit for this team is prob Jared Allen.
nadomicong sue (i know my spelling is off)
Originally posted by Phoenix49ers:
Is this a serious question? Aaron Rodger and be in the playoffs every year for a decade+.
Bronko Nagurski
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Originally posted by backontop:
Originally posted by Ninerman49:
whoever says anyone other than Rodgers is an idiot and deserves to be shot

Really? Because Alex Smith seemed to do just fine today. I was thinking anyone thinking anyone other than Revis is an idiot and deserves to be shot seems how our secondary was raped all game long!

Like it or not, the passing game is a weakness. Even with a weak secondary, the defense holds the opposing team to very few points. Offensively, the passing game is lacking no matter how well Alex is doing. Rodgers is the best QB in football and can make the close wins we got not-so-close.

I can't believe the Homerism some people display.
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