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If you could acquire one player and make them a 49er...

Who would you take? (Of course we're referring to current players from teams other than the 49ers)

As for me, it would be a tough call, but in the end, I'd have to make Larry Fitzgerald a 49er. He is a class act, and an amazing football player. Plus, Alex Smith could truly benefit from a weapon like that in the offense. Talk about a safety valve!
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Curtis Painter
Is this a serious question? Aaron Rodger and be in the playoffs every year for a decade+.
Joe Thomas
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John Skelton
Troy Smith
desean jackson
If its from draft day to career end it would be Brady but right now for this team I'd take Megatron
Calvin Johnson or Larry Fitzgerald

Calvin Johnson or Adrian Peterson on offense... There are a number of DBs I would like.
Taco Wallace
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