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Should 9ers rest Gore until Thanksgiving?

I feel the team can be successful next week even without Gore. Gore is indeed valuable to the team, especially in December and January. Take a breather now to allow the body to recover and also to give Hunter and Dixon more exposure to playing with the first team.
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honestly, i think we should go with hunter and dixon next week, along with Kaep. Let alex do nothing but prepare for Baltimore. Kaep is more than KAEPable to play against the cardinals.
save him for the ravens game
I agree, let him rest, much rather have him vs Baltimore and the rest of the season then force him back early...
If he's hurt sit him against the cards we would be fine against them with hunter. However Pit and at Seattle and at Baltimore we need frank
he's probably sitting in an ice bath right now. i do agree that hunter and even boobie should get more carries tho. That only happens if we're up by a lot of points. Which would also make me happy. So here's to putting the games away early and running the ball with hunter and dixon to rest gore.
merge this s**t
Frankly Hunter and Dix can be enough vs Arizona so if Frank needs the rest well then by all means
Originally posted by DonnieDarko:
save him for the ravens game

You should sit out from posting for the next few weeks.

Should we start 400000 threads about this?
Gore is really stubborn if he could play with one leg he would go in there the only he came out 2day because Tom Rathman told not to go back in.......we really dont need him next weekend he should rest up for the Baltimore game especially if he has now a knee injury 2 go with his bum ankle
If he's healthy let him play. If he isn't full, spell him. If he needs a break, sit him one game.
I agree we need for the super bowl run.
rest him if he needs the rest. I think if the Niners by week 17 have a bye clinched --and seeding clinched--either # 1 seed or # 2 seed---Harbaugh will rest whomever needs the rest---could be Gore---that would be 2 weeks off before the playoff game. Walsh did that with Montana a few times--worked great!
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