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I think Bruise Miller may be among my favorite Niners now.

Blue-collar, team guy. Converted to a new position seamlessly at the next level. Catches, blocks, does whatever coach and Gore ask of him. Incredible 7th round pickup.
Bruce Miller?
The Boss
Norris who?!
Seemed like he was a little disappointed when we drafted him that he was going to be converted from DE to FB. I wonder how he feels now?

I'm sure getting a sack in a big college game is pretty awesome. But it can't be as awesome as scoring a TD in the NFL.
Originally posted by bigmike55:
Bruce Miller?

The spelling was intentional
Originally posted by 02-10DidNotHappen:
The spelling was intentional

lol I like it
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Small risk, but so far has been very rewarding!!!
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It's miller time!
When Harbaugh was asked about him, he said he's just a football in line him up and let him go...anywhere! Really like the guy!

Bruce Millis

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bruise lol
Naw dog, he's the ginga ninja!!!
Originally posted by Baugh_Area:
Naw dog, he's the ginga ninja!!!

In Soviet Russia, red-headed step-child beats you! (I don't actually know if he's a step child.)
Another very good pick the Draft Gurus panned.
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