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I think Bruise Miller may be among my favorite Niners now.

Blue-collar, team guy. Converted to a new position seamlessly at the next level. Catches, blocks, does whatever coach and Gore ask of him. Incredible 7th round pickup.

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Bruce Miller?
The Boss
Norris who?!
Seemed like he was a little disappointed when we drafted him that he was going to be converted from DE to FB. I wonder how he feels now?

I'm sure getting a sack in a big college game is pretty awesome. But it can't be as awesome as scoring a TD in the NFL.
Originally posted by bigmike55:
Bruce Miller?

The spelling was intentional
Originally posted by 02-10DidNotHappen:
The spelling was intentional

lol I like it
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Small risk, but so far has been very rewarding!!!
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It's miller time!
When Harbaugh was asked about him, he said he's just a football in line him up and let him go...anywhere! Really like the guy!

Bruce Millis

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bruise lol
Naw dog, he's the ginga ninja!!!
Originally posted by Baugh_Area:
Naw dog, he's the ginga ninja!!!

In Soviet Russia, red-headed step-child beats you! (I don't actually know if he's a step child.)
Another very good pick the Draft Gurus panned.
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