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This loss falls on the shoulders of the o-line!!!

Itits f**king chili rachal
Originally posted by Antix:
Not a bad loss at all imo. We played pretty bad on O and still hung in there for a while. We'll be alright.

Definitely man! For fans that hate on the 49ers, just remember: It's not that they don't like the 49ers, they don't like us fans, but if we keep representing the 49ers to the fullest, the more hate comes. Like you said, the OLine played bad, but Harbaugh knows how important it was... Remember, this was like a playoff game. You have to give it up to the fans, they really stepped up for their home team. We didn't get blowed out and our defense played pretty damn well to not have no sacks!
the ravens raped us
Originally posted by SonocoNinerFan:
bad game. they'd been playing great since Philly before tonight

It's almost funny how fans are acting, we haven't lost a f**king game 1 day shy of two months, and we're now a s**tty team, sitting at 9-2?
It just amazes me how bad Rachal is after all this time, I mean there must be a reason he still has a roster spot right?
Originally posted by 12b6demurrer:
-Alex made some great 3rd and long plays. Way to hang in there.

I was really impressed with Smith tonight. He easily could have turned into a pumpkin and fallen back into the habits that have plagued him throughout his career. Instead, he looked like a real NFL qb--one that got six colors of crap kicked out of him--but a competent NFL qb just the same.
Only time were goin see them again is the super bowl this lose Was at a good time only cuz we have easy opponents untill we face the steelers who have the same type of team the ravens do
No loss is good but at least some of the so called die hard fans....You know the ones that think we have the best QB, the best O line, the best D, the best coach, the best owner, the best....Will wake up and start to look at this team intellectually and start posting in reality, not fantasy. I love my niners. Happy we are 9-2. Hope we get better every week including this one. And hope we can put it all together in the playoffs. Let the Cowboys and Raider fans be the idiots, lets be real
Can anybody tell me why Chilo was in there?.... Not surprised our line was the worst I ever seen with him in.

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Originally posted by 9erfanAUS:
It was going to happen at some point. As much as we'd all like to dream, we weren't going to go 15-1.

I'll take 14-2
Chilo is horrible
33 consecutive games without a 100 yard rusher and no rushing TD allowed this season is another...
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I'm completely behind Alex and he will grow from this defeat and learn what it takes to compete with the elite teams. However I hope at some point Colin Kapernick observed our offense in action and said to himself, "I could throw that way better."
Originally posted by lamontb:
Chilo is horrible

Not news
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