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This loss falls on the shoulders of the o-line!!!

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And the receivers who can't f**king catch. And the coaching which failed to make any real adjustments as the Ravens kept attacking again and again and again.

This, x 2
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this, all of this

CHILO for president? NOT!
I'm not going to blame the O Line entirely, but they were the main reason of this loss along with other stuff.

- 98
Coaches didn't help

espn_nfcwest Mike Sando,

Ravens have gotten Terrell Suggs matched against tight ends. Win for Baltimore every time.
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Well at least CHILO does anyways. Go back to the bench CHILO!

Yeah, Chilo is pretty bad. Kinda of reminds me of Kwame Harris.
Absolutely, this falls on the O-Line. They had good calls as far as caoching. There were so many missed blocks. It was sickening. Suggs DEALT WITH our line like it was his job. Disgusting.
Harbaugh needs to open a can of....

I wish Kilgore would have been active instead of Norris... I would rather have him in there than Chilo. I think it's more that our guys are not sticking with blocks or confused than it is getting beat man up. Also, Fangio didn't blitz all night from what I seen. Too many 3rd downs given up. Also, Roman or whoever was calling the plays it was garbage. We continued to play into their hands. Needed to counter their aggressiveness not feed it. More runs, we didn't do a single screen, more dump offs, not one f'ing slant, didn't feed any of our WRs or TEs (even though VD was in blocking at the end). Whitner with a huge 3rd down miss tackle, then the td given up (culliver shouldn't have passed off pitta). Just dumb play by Chilo on the 75 yard TD... 50 yard pass interference where it looked like Smith looked like he was arm barring and holding brown from going after the ball just as much as brown.

Oh, and Kyle Williams with a bone headed play where he tried to catch a ball one handed in the flats. Give me a break...
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It falls on the hamstring of Adam Snyder..
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here comes the mod police again

I never was in before the lock. Maybe this is my opportunity.
O-Line definitely deserves majority of the blame. Our lack of pass rush today was also disturbing.
Chilo... He f**ked up the whole offense.
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