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This loss falls on the shoulders of the o-line!!!

Originally posted by RonMexico:
i hope we dont

this, no s**t
Uhhh yea you do.
No lose is good But,it will cause Jim to refocus the team and hopefully they will WAIVE Chilo fat ass He needs to GO put in a ROOKIE He can`t not do no worst the Chilo fat ass
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damn....Anthony Davis looked terrible today...
Hey we got beat down tonight. I am still proud of our guys especially Alex. You know the meteoric rise was a lot soon and just maybe, this will be a much learned experience for the playoffs for these guys. It allows the coaches to see where the vulnerabilities are on this team and yes CHILO that is you player. The entire right side of the OLINE got schooled tonight. We need some more perimeter play makers also. 9-2 and proud baby. GO NINERS!
Originally posted by CUZO49:
Hopefully we'll see them again
Oh yeah....
Well at least CHILO does anyways. Go back to the bench CHILO!
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I agree...this loss i think is a good thing! It will make this team hungry again! They now know that they still have a lot of work to do to compete with top notch teams!
Not anyone else, they played terrible!!!!!
this, all of this

And the receivers who can't f**king catch. And the coaching which failed to make any real adjustments as the Ravens kept attacking again and again and again.
Originally posted by niners4lyfe:
damn....Anthony Davis looked terrible today...

Yup, his sluggish footwork was exposed tonight and he'll have a target on his back until he can prove otherwise.

As for the loss, it's a good head check and I fully trust that the coaching staff will address the weaknesses that were exposed tonight.
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Originally posted by niners4lyfe:

here comes the mod police again
Chilo played the entire second half. Snyder was not healthy when he was playing. Rachal is the problem!

Perhaps Harbaugh would deactivate Chilo and activate either Mike Person or Daniel Kilgore? Either one would have to play better than Rachal!
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