What a crazy offense Roman is running! Now I'm (and I'm sure many) starting to see what Harbaugh meant when he said we had 5 #1 receivers. He actually wasn't even really being secretive. We can, have, and will run plenty of plays with only 1 WR on the field. And that 1 can/has/will be any of Crabtree/Moss/Manningham/Ginn/Williams. And any combination of those 5 could constitute the wideouts being on the field in 2, 3, and 4 wide sets. We've got 5 WR's that will all probably play at least 10-15 snaps a game. Ridic! Might not be another case like that ever, wouldn't be surprised. And I've never seen the 5 skill position spots be such a revolving door. We probably substitute an average of like 3 or 3.5 guys after every play. And I wouldn't be surprised if, outside of Vernon, no skill position player played more than 3 or 4 snaps in a row. So entertaining to watch! Hopefully we don't ever have a case of guys not playing as well as they should because they don't really get a consistent groove for the game. And man are we deep! We have 12 skill position guys that could get a ton more playing time on many other teams (the 6 receivers + Walker/Gore/Hunter/James/Jacobs/Miller) so they are all really being selfless too. Gonna be such a fun offense to watch this year and opposing def. coordinators are gonna be constantly on their toes dealing with our constant massive personnel changes and combinations