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Norris or Miller

Has Bruce Miller done enough to keep Norris on the bench? What's your oppinion?
Split time...not sold on miller yet
Does Norris come back next week
Well, I am unsold on Norris. So, yes.
He caught a few balls. That's enough for me to let Norris go. Yes, self profess Norris hater.
Harbaugh sad they will compete in practice for the starting spot
Miller has done more than Norris has. He has done the same kind of blocks, but has the speed to get to the second level. He then can actually catch the ball very well and then lays guys out as he's going up the field. I love Bruce, hope he stays the starter.
Miller has done a great job Norris career is on the decline..............Proof is in the pudding Gore has been doing great these past few weeks without him

we dont need Norris anymore thank you for playing
Originally posted by D_Niner:
Has Bruce Miller done enough to keep Norris on the bench? What's your oppinion?

Where is the poll to vote?
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Just a move on Harbaughs part so he doesnt look like he's kicking an injured vet to the curb. He'll get him another shot for the job in practice but I fully expect Miller to keep the FB job

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It is an ideal situation. As much grief as Norris has gotten on this site he is still a guy that has played the position at a high level for years in this league. He is being challenged by a rookie and will bring everything he has to practice. Iron sharpening iron. The best player will play. Miller has shown that he has the physical tools to play the position; all he needs is experience. Going against Norris in practice will only make him better.
maybe Norris will step it up, seeing how replaceable he has become. Not likely that he has enough left to be a major contributor like he once was, though.

I imagine that Miller will continue to get the snaps he's getting, and that Norris will have a role in short yardage situations, or one of the "jumbo" formations. I doubt we release him.
i've figured it out guys. We're going to hang on to Norris until after tomorrow when we check out TO. Once we decide to sign TO, BOOM, we knock off Norris.
Miller...adds way more versatility to the position and Harbaugh loves the element of surprise. With Norris in, no doubt we are running.
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