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The, It's time to eat some crow thread.

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Gonna eat some fat ass crow.

I was wrong about the Aldon Smith pick (mostly because I didnt know who he was)

Wrong about our record I picked us going 6-10

Wrong about some of Baalke's free agent moves.
And about Alex?

He has improved into a middle of the pack QB. But the jury is still out.

Good thing u didnt eat Crow for bashing on Smith Sus we should of known that Smith is no better then a middle of the pack QB.....your AVERAGE Joe.........FOOLS GOLD!!!!

Ironic to say this in the eat crow thread
I predicted 9-7 at best with Alex getting 85-89 QB rating AT BEST and us getting blown out in the 1st round of the playoffs.

Medium Well please.
I predicted 6-10 and hated the Aldon Smith pick. Since buying my Aldon Smith jersey about 2 months ago, we are 5-0 when I wear the jersey. Needless to say, I'm not putting on any other jersey until we get our sixth. Aldon, you beast.
I thought Crabs was a bust.

Dude is ballin
I didn't think Kaep was ready when he took the starting job. Yes, I said took.
Well this certainly is a fun thread. I'm not going to brag about being right about Kaepernick or clearly seeing that this team is better than the 2011 one. Don't need to. I'm just enjoying the show.

Please though, keep the confessions coming.
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