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Detroit Postgame Locker Room Speech

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damn man these locker room speaches make me giggle like a damn school girl. its just amazing how the chemistry runs through the team and right out of my computer screen.
Originally posted by gage:
lol, I pointed that to my cousin when we were watching. I freaking love everything about that guy!
I agree. What a great performance by the D-line. Got to love this guy.
OK, so we have these terms so far this year used by Harbaugh to describe Smith's play: Game manager, lights out, clutch.

Any one wants to tell Harbaugh he's out of his mind
Great way to head into the bye week.
5-1 going into the bye is awesome. What is equally awesome is proving all the 49ers haters wrong in the media. Remember during the summer? We were going to struggle. The lockout was going to effect us more than other teams. The RAMS were going to win the West. We are on to something special here. Double digit wins, baby!
I still remember people HOPING we'd be 2-4 at the bye, and promising to be ecstatic if we SOMEHOW managed to be 3-3!
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