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Akers appreciation thread

I loved Nedney, but at least he left on good terms.

Akers has been fantastic. I could hardly believe it when the Eagles dropped him. Guys at work are constantly saying "Your welcome"
Guy's been a huge KEY to our success thus far. Lovin' me some Akers...
Akers for MVP
f**k yeah onside recovery!
Akers... Im glad your now a Niner... Your Career is looking good for you.
akers is a boss
he's been a great FA pick up

They should sell his jersey!
Akers is automatic gold. How many 50+ field goals? How did the Eagles let him go. They guy the Eagles have now has been missing inside the 40.
Our kicker has class too. Will forever be proud he is a 49er!
Yea, what a solid pick up! If he can handle the stick, he can handle any stadium, like Green Bay in the cold.
Love this guy!!!

So money this year.
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