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The Yes, Alex Smith is better than Steve Young Thread

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Whats with this BS? "John Taylor was not a good receiver" ... "Alex Smith is better than Steve Young" ...

We have been infiltrated.
We are being f**ked with.

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Lock this. This is just asking for a personal attack

Originally posted by Garcia:

My god........................
I refuse to read this.
You, sir, are an idiot!
So what you're saying is that Alex is on his way to Canton?
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let the season unfold first, then the next, then the many ones after that, wow, this thread is gonna bit you in the a**

Originally posted by AmpLee:
Good for you for the bold prediction. While I don't necessarily agree with you being that Young was on of the all-time greats and a Superbowl winner, I would like to believe that Alex could be that as well. This may be an early start to a very successful rest of his career as he does possess many of the qualities you eluded to, however, going from a good or great QB to one of the best ever takes a different kind of guy. I hope he becomes that, but it's wishful thinking at this point.

I don't believe he was one of the "all time greats" in terms of being a pure passer...but an all time great as a champion in the nfl ihe surely is...
I'm going to admit something to the Zone and i might get flamed for it but whatever.

I was never very high on Steve Young. I didn't like the fact that he was left-handed, didn't care for his 'heart on the sleeve' personality, and I thought he was a bit uncoordinated at times, especially early in his career and when he was under pressure. The biggest thing that bothered me about him was that he came after the greatest QB ever, (not his fault) and that he was such a stark contrast to Joe in just about every QB trait that I had come to believe in at the time.

That said, he was one of the most gutsy QBs I've ever seen, and I do respect him. He was indeed a winner, and I am grateful for his contributions.

But there is no way in God's Green Earth that Alex Smith is better than him, and odds are he never will be.
Originally posted by jdc49:
let the season unfold first, then the next, then the many ones after that, wow, this thread is gonna bit you in the a**

It can, but I'm not worried about it...I'm not a troll, not a homer but I just follow my gut and I'm stickin to it. I wouldn't throw myself out here for nothing u know..I know my football..just saying my piece and stickin to it
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