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The Yes, Alex Smith is better than Steve Young Thread

Look, all you guys know I don't post much if at all around here much. What I do is visit here every frickin day getting my latest 9ers news! When I have the chance, I love to hit up the forums and give my opinion on things 9er related but because there's usually more than one fellow fan that actually says what I feel, I just read on and laugh! Id LOVE to join in but I just don't have the time to do it all the time! Plus, I feel the LOVE and PASSION u guys have everyday for our team and I really don't feel like getting into any poo-slinging wars. I just want to talk ball in this thread.

With that said, I remember everything 9er football after 1980....I thought we should've kept montana longer. Now, I've always loved steve but he sure was frazzled easy....with that said, it took me awhile to warm up to him...

I've been thinking about how I should present this thread properly with the 9er standard of elegance and excellence with the stats to back it up! I don't have time right now but I sure will look into it! I hope more of u do as well

With all that said....I believe alex will accomplish much more than steve young within the next few years. Why? This is the debate...young was held back by seifert but because of the lockerroom, the offense was able to coach themselves...had the owners made holmgren or shanahan head coach earlier, we would've won at least 2 more superbowls...imo of course

After watching montana, young and smith so many times, I actually like smith the most...I know it sounds crazy but I just do...he's got the steve young smarts, the montana cool and smarter than both...better arm than both especially youngs. I love steve but his passing was horrid after the zone blitz was invented in the mid-late 90s(remember the panthers?)...thanks fanzio!

Anyways! Just puttting my entire football reputation on the line here by boldly stating alex smith will accomplish more in the nfl than steve young

I think this is a great thread to keep open throughout the 2011 season...

Let's keep it real even if the title doesn't sound like it is!....I honestly feel we have a great converstion piece here
He was frazzled when he slipped in the mudd mid play and threw the game winning TD Strike to T.O. in the playoffs vs. Green Bay.

Totally Frazzled.
Will not read, lol
Originally posted by susweel:
Will not read, lol

I've never seen such a stupid and ridiculous post. Absolute blasphemy to say that Alex is better than Young in any way shape or form. I am certainly a strong Smith supporter. But you can't say s**t like this till he has had at least a couple pro bowl seasons and a super bowl ring

Originally posted by Garcia:
He was frazzled when he slipped in the mudd mid play and threw the game winning TD Strike to T.O. in the playoffs vs. Green Bay.

Totally Frazzled.

That was his only winning play vs the pack....can u name a better one?
are you f**king serious?

Originally posted by MILFS:
are you f**king serious?

He sounds serious. Unbelievable.
Dude. I'm right there with you on the visit/posting thing. As to your post, I've always felt that the kid could be special, but I have to admit that I am somewhat gun shy after the past few years. Therefor, I am going to have to refrain from supporting such bold statements at this time....

Um,never mind.

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Good for you for the bold prediction. While I don't necessarily agree with you being that Young was on of the all-time greats and a Superbowl winner, I would like to believe that Alex could be that as well. This may be an early start to a very successful rest of his career as he does possess many of the qualities you eluded to, however, going from a good or great QB to one of the best ever takes a different kind of guy. I hope he becomes that, but it's wishful thinking at this point.
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