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Joshua Morgan's open letter to 49ers fans

"I really appreciate all the love and support! It's been really hard to deal with because I've never been injured like this, and especially at this point and time. I was the leading WR on the team and proving all the critics wrong about me, and I was in my contract year. And now this. But I'm named after Joshua in the Bible for a reason. I'm a strong, courageous human being, and I've overcome every obstacle before me and come back better, stronger and wiser every year.

"I love the game and love the Bay Area and the organization. I feel like I let everybody down by this injury and sincerely apologize. Trust and know I'm doing my best and everything I can to heal as quick and smart as possible and come back like I always do -- better and stronger to prove all my critics wrong. I will continue to keep climbing and try to join the names of the other great 49er WRs in the past and bring a Super Bowl or two or three back to the Bay.

That's my ambition, my addiction and my motivation! I've always been addicted to success and addicted to greatness. But, in ending, I wanna thank all the fans for all your support and well wishes!"

--Joshua Morgan
Sign him now. True 49er and a true football player.
thats awesome, glad hes a priority to resign
sign him now long term
Great stuff. <3 you josh
Classy, classy man. Hope you recover well, Josh.
thats my receiver
Originally posted by JoseCortez:
Sign him now. True 49er and a true football player.

Get well Josh! We miss you and can't wait to see you back in a 9er uniform next year.

I love Morgan! I hope Harbaugh and Trent can resign him. I had high hopes for him this year.
Bryant Young shattered his legs. Had titanium rods put into it with screws and all. Came back the same badass he ever was. You can do the same Josh!
Might be buying one of these soon...

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get well soon
Sounds like a good dude. Hope he comes back. Get well Joshua
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