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No Respect?!!!

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Colin Cowherd this morning picked the niners as his lock of the week. He went into detail with niner stats and player matchups.. "this team is the real deal...". It seemed as though he actually watched the game and was floored with what he saw.

I think Niners have 50/50 chances of winning, could go either way. But to be a lock of the week? Whoa! I hope he's right and the Niners blow them up like they did to TB last week.

Yeah man, the Bucs Dline are no slouches either and they got handled pretty easily by our Oline. If we can win that battle this week too, it's gonna be a long quiet game for Detroit.

Agreed. Also, Best doesn't scare me, he won't be the one to break our no-100 yard rusher allowed streak. Our front 7 will handle any pressure on the QB and stopping the run. The main concern should be how quickly and creatively the blitz schemes can get to Stafford before he throws to CJ. Niners face the Cards and Fitz twice a year, so Fangio should be able to scheme a lot of double-teams and players should keep CJ's catches to a minimum.

As for our offense, OL must keep AS upright before Suh breaks through, a lot of screens and 3 step drops should do the trick as well as plenty of DW and VD on the field at the same time. Also, toss sweeps to Hunter will balance out the runs up the middle for Gore, keep them guessing.
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I'm like Harbaugh "kick em in the shins!"

Kick em in the ndamukongs!
NVM..wrong thread.
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another no respect sign coming up on OTL on ESPN....talking about the niners success
The PickThis is a wicked trap-door game, especially for the Lions, a young team (on the dreaded short week) coming into its own and dealing with prosperity the likes of which the franchise hasn't seen in a lifetime. The 49ers, while not undefeated, are in a very similar situation, having to put one of its most lopsided victories in recent memory behind them.

But the Niners also are on the road and probably not the team the Lions are right now. And there's the matter of quarterback Alex Smith. Can we really and truly trust him completely just yet?

Pick: Detroit 23, San Francisco 15

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